Southwark's bulky refuse collection

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Monday 15 September 2003 8.28am
I have just called Southwark to dispose of a washing machine and the earliest they can collect it is in 3 weeks' time leaving me with 2 washing machines in a small flat!

I have a vague recollection of them saying they aimed to collect these things within a week, but it seems to have gone.

Does anyone know their policy on this now as I am not happy at all and I want to be able to give them what for...

Monday 15 September 2003 8.54am
The last time I requested a collection I was told that they visited certain areas on certain days only. A bit poor I know.

What about trying a local charity that might be interested in a washing machine and more importantly can collect from you asap?
Monday 15 September 2003 8.59am
I paid man with van to get rid of it....
Monday 15 September 2003 1.24pm
I haven't ever tried this myself, obviously, but was told a story once along similar lines. The council on that occassion was not Southwark, but they are probably bound by similar responsibilities.

Having been given a 3 - 4 week time frame for a washing machine collection, the person in question discovered that if you moved said washing machine into the street, it goes before 3 - 4 weeks.

Whilst I wouldn't condone this sort of behaviour, if you put it somewhere safe but inconvenient, I doubt it will be there for too long.

Maybe even outside Southwark council's offices???
Monday 15 September 2003 2.23pm
I was told as recently as 4th Sept by a Southwark Cabinet member that refuse had been taken in house and was much improved. My own experience was that the system worked, but on the second attempt. Subsequently we took things to the council dump, but we are lucky to have a car. However, I can see the attraction of Michael's tempting suggestion - two sofas dumped nearby recently went within 24 hours - though if fly tipping is a Council focus it rather undermines the proper system!
Monday 15 September 2003 2.50pm
Mad King Soup,

Found this list of worthwhile organisations that might be able to collect from you.

From what you are saying it sounds as if the Council have more resources to deal with fly tippers than people who actually want to do the right thing and have the item taken away and disposed of properly. Makes me wonder which "genius" in the council is in charge of this policy.
Monday 15 September 2003 3.05pm
Maybe fly-tipping has been pushed up the priority list because of the increase in the tipping itself, which could be down to the fact that they are so bloody slow at picking things up legitimately, so people are getting frustrated and leaving them out on the road rather than clog up their houses with bulky items they don't want...

Heavens help us from blinkered, short-term thinkers.

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