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Thursday 18 September 2003 4.39pm
Do you cycle in Southwark? Would you like to? Have your say about cycling in Southwark at on Friday 19th September 2003 1-2pm with live online guests Cllr Richard Thomas (Executive Member for Transport and Environment), Barry Mason (Southwark Cyclists) and Roger Stocker (Project Officer for Cycling, Southwark Council) as part of TravelWise Week.
Join fellow cyclists online to swap hints and tips on best routes and
places to chain up bikes, share anecdotes and get answers to your questions about cycling in the borough. Do you find it quicker, do it to get fitter, or do you believe it is part of your global reponsibility to stop polluting the planet?

Simply go to and click 'register' to get your password in advance, and then login on Friday to join the debate.

P.S Just to let you know - you will infact be taking part in our very first online debate! Its all very exciting.... and please do bear with us if you encounter any slight technical glitches!
Thursday 18 September 2003 7.32pm
I will not be able to join the chat tomorrow, but I would like to make the remark that one way traffic streets in London should be converted in two way traffic for just for cyclists. In Amsterdam this is the case and that makes the city so bicycle friendly. Often cyclists in London have to follow the mainstream traffic, which is very time and energy consuming.
Thursday 18 September 2003 7.51pm
maurits you have a good point, but i have to say that drivers in london would need serious re-education to make these lanes safe, unless the bike lane was shielded from the main flow of traffic.

in my experience these are often the most dangerous cycle routes to take. to southwark coucil's credit they have done this to a few streets near the river. however, i've frequently had cars/vans driving straight at me with the drivers swearing etc. thinking i was going the wrong way up a one way st.!

i also think cyclists should be forced to adhere to red lights as cars should. the frequent jumping of red lights makes the general cyclist very unpopular with the motorist. it's a bit like assuming all cab drivers hate cyclists and drive appallingly just because of those few cabbnies that clearly don't/choose not to pay attention....
Thursday 18 September 2003 9.20pm
bod - its not just drivers who need 're-education' - it would be refreshing if a few more cyclists respected the 'rules' or just respected others [as you suggest for example, by stopping at red lights] and sticking to the roads / cycle lanes provided for them. I am hacked off by the self righteous arrogance of some cyclists as they blast through crossings and along pavements as if the pedestrian is some lower life form to be intimidated out of the way. For the record - I don't have car, love walking around the city [when not threatened by cyclists] AND have a bike which I am too timid to ride in SE1!
Friday 19 September 2003 8.16am
Not wanting to be a party-pooper, but the concept of turning one way streets into twoway - just for cyclists - seems an incredibly dangerous idea to me.

About four years ago I was driving home from work on a Sunday (boo!), miding my own business going down a one way street well below the speed limit in the City and a cyclist decided that he would hurtle (there really isn't another word for it!) around a junction, and the wrong way up the one way street. The resulting impact with the front of my car caused upwards of 1k worth of damage (which I hasten to add he wasn't insured for, but that's another story....) and he tried to blame me for not looking where I was going.
Friday 19 September 2003 8.58am
I would love to ride a bicycle around London but the behaviour and attitude of the majority of cyclists out there makes seriously reconsider. 90% of the time I see cyclists breaking the law by running a red light, or veering off onto the pavement to avoid a red light - because I suppose waiting 30 seconds for a light change is fair too taxing.

Like Jane I don't have a car and use leg power or the bus to and from work - but from my experience I can see why motorists get hacked off by cyclists. As a pedestrain I have to take my life in my own hands when crossing the road even when I have the green man.

I am sure that there are good responsible cyclists around, but from my personal experience the bad outweigh the good - which is a real shame.

On the subject of one-way cycle lanes, I agree with Craig, seems like a dangerous proposition to me.
Friday 19 September 2003 2.30pm
ANY efforts to make cycling more popular, safe and easy benefits cyclists but also other members of the community. Every person that cycles rather than drives helps reduce pollution, congestion and reduces the risk of RTA's for everybody. It's a common good! Re-design traffic flows and install bike-parks at train stations. IMHO

Friday 19 September 2003 2.51pm
Agree with the fact that cyclists should adhere to the road signs, but as a cyclist feel that if motorists (& pedestrians) were a bit more observant of our roads, it would be a safer place all round. Apart from helmets, we are generally unprotected from injury.
I am frequently having to put on the brakes suddenly, as motorists (mainly buses/coaches) just pull out without even looking in their mirrors. This also goes for pedestrians who constantly step out on the road - the best one is chatting on the mobile - I have had many arguements with people after riding into them, due to their lack of road awareness(this has been very painful as I have a mens bike!!).
I enjoy & intend to carry on cycling, but there has to be more improvements to ensure the safety for cycling on our roads to everyone concerned. If this was the case, surely more people would have the courage to get on their bikes & enjoy the freedom of this form of transport.

Friday 19 September 2003 3.24pm
'I have had many arguments with people after riding into them.'

Oh Magoo, you've done it again!
Friday 19 September 2003 3.56pm
I wouldn't cycle into them if they looked before stepping into the road!
Maybe this is why some cyclists end up using the pavements...

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