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Monday 22 September 2003 2.37pm

I live just off Grange road and I am getting increasingly worried about mischievous teens getting up to no good in the area.

Yesterday a group of teenagers hurled a rain of conkers at my partner and I as we walked up Southwark Park Road. They were swearing and taunting us as we tried to make it away while dodging the missiles. They didn't ever manage to hit us, but the conkers were crashing into the wall behind us as and were clearly being thrown with the intent to hurt.

I have no idea who these kids are or why they would be so aggressive and hateful to two passers-by. Unbelievable.

Anyone else having such problems? What can one do?

Monday 22 September 2003 2.47pm
That's appalling Penelope.

I must say I have been lucky not to have suffered directly at the hands of agressive teens, but you are right they do tend to stand around with nothing better to do than intimidate folks.

I really don't know what we can do to stop them, I think there was a problem (still a problem) at Waterloo that some of the guys were discussing earlier on in the forum. I don't think there was any solution to come out of the debate.

I don't know if it's just me, or whether I am turning into my mother, but seriously in my day kids treated adults with respect and they were most certainly not as gobby as they are now.

I heard a mother reprimand her son the other day and every other word was a swear word. I felt sick listening to her swearing at her young son. What kind of example to these people set for their children.
Monday 22 September 2003 3.11pm
My advice - grab the smallest one and threaten to torture him unless the others relent.

Seriously though - what sort of age are they? There was an interesting article in the Spectator the other week about squaring up to kids (so long as they aren't like 16 and built like the proverbial). If they are 8-14, I think you're probably at less risk than you think - a) because they will be quite stupid and you can threaten to call their parents / the police / their headmaster and they will believe you and b) as they will probably be physically quite frightened of you.

The interesting point the Spectator raised is that we all seem to have passed up our community spirit and attitude towards other people's kids, not least probably because we are worried about their thick as pig-shite parents coming around after us. But there's something to be said for the argument of facing up to these yoofs - if they think they can get away with it, it really is only going to lead to bigger probs later on.

I always try to face up to offensive people whenever I see them, sometimes it pays off and other people join me and we end up making the offender looking very small, other times I've thought it was a bit daft and have ended up having to get the police involved. So its not without risks, but I think its important to not let these sods trample over the community.
Monday 22 September 2003 4.24pm

bring out the white vans with false number plates. One at the time...
Take 'em to the woods and **** 'em

Monday 22 September 2003 4.40pm

These kids were across the road from us and on bicycles, but in general I think facing up to them may be the thing, but the opportunity to safely do so is rare.

We were looking right at them, amazed, as they sneered and took aim. They looked to be of mixed ages, say 10-16? Hard to say. After I wished I had tried to take a photo of the group (I frequently have my digital camera to hand) to help identify the little darlings.
Monday 22 September 2003 9.03pm
But what would you do if you could identify them? Their parents probably don't give a ****, and the police will not be interested. Similar disruption took place during hot August nights in the small park behind St Georges church off Tabard St. The sad thing is, the yelling, screaming and drunken/stoned arguments that took place at maximum volume were just posturing between teens/twenty somethings with nothing better to do - but they are amount to an anti-social intrusion to local residents and destructive mayhem to a tiny park maintained by through the efforts of volunteers [no support from Southwark Council]. The following mornings some public spirited soul[s] cleared up the trash and broken glass and moved the displaced benches back into position [ thank you, whoever you were!] - till the next time. I despair at the pointless agression and violence at the root of my story and the 'conker incident' - but both will occur again....

Monday 22 September 2003 9.16pm
There was a recent water main failure in peckham which left residents without waterr for days. I believe that the teenagers who usally spent their time disrupting the area were helping out by delivering water to the elderly. lets cut the water off.
Tuesday 23 September 2003 7.10am
It's important to take them on but to also give them a way of 'saving face' i.e. a way to back off...

I'm 6'2" tall and ex Army, if I politely tell them I will rip their f***ing arms off if they don't bugger off it usually works, okay I get one or two parting shots but hey they know I'll do it and also they get the last word which saves their face in front of peers.

Jane is right though - you can't tell their parents... wow, if their parents were any good then they wouldn't be like that in the first place... telling the police or school doesn't work - these institutions have enough to do.

I'm seriously going to look into how much private security patrols would cost for the times I can't be there...

At the end of the day they are looking fo street cred, an easy win and something to do.
Tuesday 23 September 2003 10.36am
make sure that when you punch them that it's in the solar-plexus... great results, and leaves no marks for the authorities to concern themselves over.

They double up, and are usually quiet enough for a small period of time to get your point across (if they haven't already) a small bottle of lighter fluid at his point, can do wonders !

Tuesday 23 September 2003 11.15am
I live right next to another local conker tree and the same thing happened at the weekend. Kids can be horrid. My flat mate actually avoided going to the shop due to conker pelting.
A neighbour of mine likes to blame the children's home nearby, but I actually think they are from St Saviours and other local estates.
Squaring up to them is not an option for me as a) they are all bigger then me and b) they know where I live.
I don't think talking to their parents will make any difference but I have decided to join my residents association as things generally on the estate have taken a slight turn for the worse recently; increased litter, graffitti etc.

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