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Monday 22 September 2003 7.58pm
For those who are interested...


Waitrose now delivering in SE1...


Wednesday 24 September 2003 4.31pm
How much do they charge to deliver?
Thursday 25 September 2003 1.02pm
They charge 5 for orders below 75, BUT

If they are even 1 minute over the 1 hour delivery slot, they refund the 5 charge.

They also don't charge you for any items they have to substitue...

They have a green van option for the environmentally conscious (think this is an electric van rather than fuel driven - will find out more tomorrow evening)...

They also gave me 30 in vouchers when I registered on the site - they set these against each shopping bill.

And when I received my first delivery, they threw in 3 free sample gifts...

(Have had online delivery form both Tesco and Sainsbury in the past, and their service was pants)

http://www.ocado.com is the website address
Thursday 25 September 2003 6.07pm
tesco and sainsbury will even deliver pants?
Thursday 25 September 2003 6.12pm
Sainsbury's will definitely deliver pants - but only if you ordered a pint of milk, they didn't have any, and the needed to "substitute it with a similar product"....

(Not that I've had some really bad experiences with Sainsbury's home delivery substituting really strange things before....)
Thursday 25 September 2003 6.51pm
Craig, your post really made me giggle...sounds like you got the same level of service as me!!!

Sainsbury: -

Don't just make "off this planet" substitutions...(but at the other extreme also don't substitute vital items such as loo roll with ANYTHING??!!!)

Don't just turn up late for all apart from the first delivery...

They also use a horrendous number of plastic carrier bags - the worst case was 29 plastic bags for 37 items - and that really grates on my environmental heart strings...if you order from them regularly, you end up swamped with their shopping bags...and have to throw them in the trash...

...Mental note to lobby for consumer ability to "whistleblow" offending companies - given that it is rumoured that a charge of 9p per plastic bag is being considered by Government...obviously to be passed on to the consumer...

Does Southwark Council have an opinion on this?? (Given that our Council tax payers have to foot the bill?)


Friday 26 September 2003 2.05pm
Tesco delivery used to be good then seriously went downhill.

They use an enormous amount of plastic bags and the driver was rude so I switched to sainsbury`s

They were very good for the first order but went steadily downhill,

Substitutions are barmy! I got cranberry juice in place of grenadine, washing powder in place of dishwasher powder and they are almost always out of the good special offers.

Last week I placed my first waitrose order with one of the vouchers they e mailed me (30 in total)

HURAHHHHH! packed properly in seperate colour coded bags, (not too many i might add too) Fantastic produce, no substitutions, free gifts, polite smart staff and free delivery over 75

The green van option is for when someone in a few streets radius has also placed n order for that time and therevy delivering at the same time saves petrol! How very forward thinking

I loooove them

placed my second order last night.

bye bye tesco and sainsburys, ive met your bigger better looking brother and he is lovely!

Friday 26 September 2003 2.25pm
Jo - how specific can you be about your preferred delivery time and do they deliver on weekends?

Friday 26 September 2003 4.11pm
Hi Thermales,

Delivery slots are one hour, they deliver seven days a week, the latest timeslot is 9pm-10pm and the earliest is 8am-9am

if they deliver one minute outside your delivery slot and you have paid for delivery (5 under 75) then you get an automatic refund.

hope that helps

Friday 26 September 2003 5.41pm

Don't you also find the aisles much clearer and better organised... faster updating...?

... and I also like the funky ability to be able to store separate shopping lists - they're great!

Agree with you on the more handsome big brother arriving - Adios Sainsbury and Tesco...good riddance to bad rubbish!!

2nd delivery arrives this evening - wonder if I'll get more free gifts?


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