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Tuesday 30 October 2007 11.13pm
I haven't used a bus for ages , when i go out it's bike or car. Tonight I went to Clapham to eat with a few friends and we caught the bus home. what a nightmare . When we caught the bus home a woman on the bus had just had her bag stolen while on the bus & her boyfriend had chased after the thieves who stole her bag. It turns out it was stolen while a group of lads were getting off the bus.
I just could not believe the attitude of the people on the bus several were complaining due to the bus not going even though they knew why it was not moving. They were very disrepectful & abusive towards the driver. A group of lads with dogs on the bus were f.. in & cussing to encourage the driver to move .It was only my group and one other passenger who tried to support the woman who had her bag stolen & who was very upset.
With all the aggression and abuse I now know why its the car & bike for me
One of my friends who was from Spain just could not believe the aggression being shown, neither could I.
I now know why it's bike or car for me.
Tuesday 30 October 2007 11.29pm
Did these sort of things happend in the past? say like 20 years ago. I believe people are becoming more self-concious! This can be for several reasons; because of increasing of tax, financial worries, lack of income/job support (apart from 5m people applying to JSA ofc), parents being lineant on their childrens, lineant teachers, staying on same job for too long, not advancing, and many factors...

One thing you must do and yes we all must do this is stand up against these des-respectful individuals and should report them to ken livingston or who ever the mayor maybe.

London was better place when things where strict
Wednesday 31 October 2007 10.34am
A plea to all bus-users. If a fellow passenger asks someone to stop their low level anti-social behavior, (playing music, for example) and said passenger gets nowhere, or gets abused, please support them.

I have several times asked people politely to turn off music, and it has moved on to a discussion around the fact that no-one else is complaining. And when I asked, no-one said a word!

Drivers are no help. The last time I did this, it was after the signs had gone up saying "Turn it off", and when I asked the driver for support, he shrugged and told me to tell them.

Personally, I think attempting to explain your religious beliefs to the whole bus is just as as anti-social as playing music, but the last time I challenged this I was called racist. It was very depressing.
Wednesday 31 October 2007 11.18am
The buses are very scary now. Too many people get on with rough attitudes and a lot of the drivers slam on the brakes at the last moment, which makes most of the passengers angry, upset and bruised. It's a knock on effect really. I hate getting buses, too many thugs on board and you're trapped.
Wednesday 31 October 2007 11.57am
Andrew H wrote:
Drivers are no help. The last time I did this, it was after the signs had gone up saying "Turn it off", and when I asked the driver for support, he shrugged and told me to tell them.

And how many times have you been on a bus and realised that it's the DRIVER who's playing the annoying music?
Wednesday 31 October 2007 12.52pm
shinx2k6 wrote:
Did these sort of things happend in the past? say like 20 years ago.

I've lived in south london all my life and i can say that it has definitly got worse in the past 10 years. If there used to be any trouble on public transport it was dealt with, most people would get involved in my experience. I think these days people are too frightened, what with a lot more reports of knife/gun crime, i know 2 people that have been stabbed (1 fatal) for intervening in the past. If you say anything these days, your on your own, so i understand people not wanting to use public transport. We pay extortionist fares these days plus congestion charging and have a worse service in my opinion.
Thursday 1 November 2007 8.05am
Yesterday evening I was cut up by a bus driver. He did it deliberately, no question about it. It was nearly eight oclock in the Walworth Road, there is a part which has a temporary traffic light and the road narrows. I waited, and eased over slowly, and he deliberately turned into me. I got out, banged on the door, and held up the bus while I took his details. He was rude and scornful and abusive, I shall be calling the bus company.

I'm always amazed that though there are notices saying "Do not talk to the driver" "Do not stand ahead of this sign" I'm frequently on the bus and there's some mate chatting to the driver, or he's on his mobile. But as you say, if you DARE say anything, you just get a whithering put down. Sad.
Thursday 1 November 2007 10.26am
What really annoys me - and it happens alot - is when there are a couple of buses at the stop and the one for which I am waiting approaches, doesn't stop, and drives past without picking anyone up! It's infuriating and I feel that I should have flung myself in front of the offending vehicle ( like poor Emily Davidson at the Derby) to get it to stop.
Thursday 1 November 2007 12.18pm
Or when there's plenty of space for several buses to stop one behind the other, but the ones at the back of the queue don't allow time for slower members of the public to walk the four or five bus-lengths from the actual bus stop before closing the doors and pulling away.

Or when you're on a road served by a single bus route and it's the height of the morning peak and there hasn't been a bus for ages, and the large crowd of passengers at the stop have formed some semblance of an "orderly queue" starting at the bus-stop post... and then the bus turns up almost full and stops alongside what's quite obviously the back of the queue, so the bus is full before those who've been waiting longest are able to get on. This is usually accompanied by the driver saying "there's another bus right behind me" when there quite plainly isn't.

Then there's the classic "nothing for ages and then three of the same turn up at once" phenomenon, which is particularly interesting if the three buses in question are bendy buses and you're trying to get on the single solitary 148 that's queued up behind three 12s.

Back to SE1 specifics, though, does SE1 have "regulars" in terms of the sort of nutters who get on buses and make everybody else's hearts sink? Am I the only one who's encountered the loud abusive elderly drunk travelling between Borough and Elephant, demanding help on account of being disabled (he pushes his own wheelchair which he uses as both a walking frame and a trolley) and endearing himself to the entire bus by calling people "f*cking homosexuals" if they don't do exactly what he wants? By rights I should find him scary and/or pity him, but frankly he's hilarious!
Thursday 1 November 2007 12.32pm
I didn't think that 'Mapmaker' used the buses. :)
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