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Wednesday 24 September 2003 4.15pm
I have been using an online dvd rental service which sends out the dvds by Royal Mail. Over the past 6 weeks two items despatched to me have failed to arrive. I am concerned that the dvds may be going missing when in the hands of the Royal Mail. Has anyone else in the SE1 area experienced similar problems? It is worth noting that no other items of mail are going astray and anything else I have ordered of value is delivered by courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery.

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Wednesday 24 September 2003 4.25pm
Absolutely. I have a friend that sends me (actually worthless) stuff in a padded envelope via normal post every now and again. Never had any problems at previous (SW19) address, but have had two packages gone missing since moving to SE1. No other (i.e. non-valuable-looking) post has disappeared.

What can one do? At the end of the day it's your word against theirs. I'm interested in taking this further if you are. Feel free to pm me on this subject
Wednesday 24 September 2003 5.49pm
My only advice ? Pay for special delivery.

Three recent items (resends of the same item) went astray - when I called to complain, the Royal Mail Helpline responded as follows:

a) they suggested I was making it up to get futher copies of the item - not likely since it was an X-ray of my spine;

b) said that they were very short staffed and it was possible the item was "sitting in a basket somewhere" waiting for someone who was able to deliver it;

c) finally I spoke to someone who was at least honest enough to admit that it was likely that either someone was taking the items, or was simply dumping them to save having to deliver them, and suggested that I should go and collect it myself, which I did. She even looked at my postcode and said, "SE1, well, you'll not see that again".
Wednesday 24 September 2003 6.07pm
I moved to the area four months ago and have had massive problems with my mail ever since.

I have not received loads of items (not necessarily valuable) and those that I have received have often taken weeks to arrive. I suspect a disgruntled postie is ditching a lot of my stuff. I have been onto Royal Mail's customer service centre in Plymouth and Postwatch who are supposed to be the mail regulators but in fact are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

I have been told that Southwark Delivery Office have been informed of my issue and they are adamant that there isn't a problem and that they are delivering all my mail. Cries of "oh no you're not" seem to fall on deaf ears.

What Postwatch tell me is that the more people complain, the better so PLEASE all get in touch with the Post Office customer services or Postwatch about this. I don't have addresses/numbers on me at the moment but I'll post here later.

Wednesday 24 September 2003 7.32pm
Right, the Post Office customer services number is 08457 740740. Their address is
Royal Mail Customer Service Centre
PO Box 740

Postwatch can be contacted on 08456 013 265 or at Freepost Postwatch.

Let me share the words of the PO customer service department with you after I had contacted them:
"I have enquired at your local Delivery Office to see if there have been any other problems with delivery in your area, and they assure me they have had no problems"

Yeah right.

Thursday 25 September 2003 10.29am
I'm calling them right now!
Am sick and tired of not getting post
Friday 26 September 2003 1.55pm
In the 3 years I have been living in SE1 Ihave had enormous problems with post!
I never fail to get my junk mail and estate agent gumph, but anything valuable often goes astray.
I am a regular purchaser from amazon and although most times i have no problem with that, 3 parcels have 'vanished' in the last year or so.

The main problem is with completely innocently packaged and unvaluable parcels from my family in Cumbria.
Many things my mother has sent me have never arrived, most notably a stack of local papers, (no more thanks mum, its not that interesting!) some kendal mint cake and a few christmas decorations, as you can see hardly worth stealing!

My family now only send recorded delivery,or I have to wait until someone pays a visit, which unfortunately is terribly rarely.
I understand the point about paying for recorded post, but really, thats not really what we want the post office for half the time is it?
Recorded post for a bit of chocolate or a newspaper seems a bit excessive to me when we should be able to rely on the normal service.

I somewhat favour the dumped post theory.
Postman who can`t or can`t be bothered to find you address bu t there is a handy looking skip there, mmmmmmm i don`t know but its bl**dy annoying"!

Friday 26 September 2003 3.04pm
Toby - I rang them yesterday and got a very apologetic customer service person who took all the details (not that he had to, they were exactly the same as all my other complaints made over the past year) and said he'd speak to the local sorting office and the postman.
Its not going to make any difference though.
Service will improve for a nano second and then it'll be back to the usual - useless.
I've never called Postwatch - I'll do that too, see what they have to say.
Saturday 27 September 2003 9.06am

I know it seems futile, but what else can you do?
I still think the more phonecalls/complaints the better though, especially via Postwatch - it seems pretty useless but the delivery office might take a complaint routed through them more seriously...
Saturday 27 September 2003 7.26pm
We are sick of getting other peoples mail. sometimes right number, wrong road; some time wrong number road; sometimes wrong number, wrong road; I'm waiting for wrong umber, wrong road, wrong town. We never know when the post is likely to arive either, anything from 7.30 AM to 5.30 PM. If we all complain they say they don't have a problem until other companies are allowed to deliver the post. When licences are given announced, only then will we see the royal mail take notice of complaints.
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