Lost Cat near Tower Bridge Road

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Friday 25 January 2008 9.11am
Have a look at bbc news website, they have a black and white cat between 4 or 8 years old, lovely cat, the cart stopped in southwark...cat seems to have travelled 200 miles!
Friday 25 January 2008 9.33am
Friday 25 January 2008 3.55pm
Slightly bigger pic here.

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Friday 25 January 2008 4.38pm
The report says it is a she not a he but they may have got it wrong worth checking!!!
Saturday 26 January 2008 10.03am
Just saw about four black and white cats in my garden (Longley Street) - three looked like usual semi-strays; medium length hair slightly 'frayed' looking. There is a 'mad cat woman' at the other end of the terrace - sorry to reinforce stereotypes. One looked more 'kept': sleek, shorter hair, slightly 'arrogant' way of walking...

I live at the far end of Longley Street, junction with Thorburn Square - pretty close to where he has gone missing. Also the afore mentioned woman feeds all the cats so she may be a 'pussy magnet' in the correct sense of the word.

They ran off when I went out, but if they return I will try and get a picture of them all.

They were all surrounding one smaller, prettier all black cat (kitten moss?).
Saturday 26 January 2008 10.12am
Got a better look at one of them - white chest, white whiskers, pink nose - otherwise all black. He's there now and very 'tame'. I got a good photo but my camera - computer link seems to have broken. I dont know how 'private messaging' works but I would be very happy for you to come over and have a look in the garden (as long as you are not a scary mass murderer who has hit on a new ruse for getting victims!)
Saturday 26 January 2008 6.57pm
Thanks to all for the BBC story. Got a bit excited for a moment, but it's not Alfie.
But it does give us more hope that he may be still ok.

Thanks again,

Sunday 27 January 2008 12.23pm
There is a black cat with a small bit of white in our garden/carpark on Weston St. It looks like it's been injured. I've sent you a private message with my phone number. We're going to call the RSPCA later
Sunday 27 January 2008 12.56pm
Fingers crossed....
Tuesday 29 January 2008 11.25pm
Good news all!

He's turned up!!!
We were just sitting round talking about him & he walked in the door - a lot skinnier but seems ok. Think he was locked in somewhere.

Thanks very much for everyone's concern.

yay - happy times.
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