Ken Livingstone's Cheesy Creepy Poster

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Monday 4 February 2002 9.06am

And another thing....if they don't take down that cheesy creepy poster of Ken Livingstone smarming his green slime all over London at Elephant I think I will certainly need counselling. Every time I see this I have an insatiable desire to punch him on this shiny red nose!

I say PAH! Pesach! To his five pound charge!!!!
Monday 4 February 2002 1.01pm
Well something's got to be done about all the traffic jams. (Funny how drivers never see themselves as part of "the terrible traffic"!)

Charging may not be the best solution, but something's got to give with this car-swamped capital! "choke"

No one's gaining anything if it carries on like this, except emphesyma...
Tuesday 5 February 2002 4.26pm
> Well something's got to be done about all the traffic jams.

I don't see how road pricing will change anything!
The problems London has with traffic are caused by

1) Lack of reasonably priced parking facilities.
2) Unnecessary lengthy roadworks.
3) The appaling state of public transport which is filthy, crime-ridden and almost always unreliable.

Before penalising the long-suffering motorist yet again, the issues above should be addressed.

As for emphesyma, most of the pollution in London now comes from the diesel powered public transport such as taxis and buses.
Indeed when I drive my car through London with its highly efficient catalytic converter, the air coming out of the exhaust is actually cleaner than the air going in!

Road pricing will do little to relieve the congestion unless it is set at a realistic level, which would have to be something greater than 20 pounds a day to deter the majority.
This is politically unacceptable, so will not happen.

Do not fall victim to the 'something must be done' mindset.
Wednesday 6 February 2002 1.07am
Carry on driving. Carry on clogging up the streets, our lungs, etc. Don't, whatever you do, give a flying monkey's about anyone else. Forget you're part of one of the biggest cities on the planet. Forget you are not driving through the leafy lanes that lead to your weekend retreat. Instead, rant at Ken, hoot your horn and get in that traffic jam, baby!
Wednesday 6 February 2002 8.37am


You are SO SO right...
And thank you for your well adjusted understanding of the whole problem...large picture...even though you might not drive yourself.

Rock on!
and Thanks a trillion...
Wednesday 6 February 2002 8.39am

Alright Kev...
Keep your wig on!

Read my suggestion on Electric cars!
And I suggest you have a nice calming G and T.
Wednesday 13 February 2002 6.13am
try getting a 21 bus to go Moorgate, we have a capital city with a provincial bus service, at least the old boys trying.

The point about the carcinegenic mixture pumped out by buses, coaches etc is a good one.. when will the government have the courage to implement the law, or if there aint one to bring one in about drivers who sit in their cabs for hours at an end with their engines running? apparently public service vehicles have no restrictions?

I live in Bartholomew St. which prior to the equivalent of a transport cafe opened about 15yrs ago was a quiet residential street, now from 6.00 am in the morning has a variety of large vehicles pumping out. as for any parking problems one has I suggest they park down our street, the wardens are too worried about ticketing vehicles used by the patrons of the cafe . I have been told that after phone calls to the office that someone phones the cafe, I can't belive this myself can you?

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