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Sunday 4 October 2009 7.48pm
Hi Chalky.
Have just been reading these posts. My old Nan lived opposite East Street, Old Kent Road end. She knew and often mentioned the Robinson,s! If I remember correctly they had a son and daughter named Jimmy and madelene.
Wouldn't mind seeing those pictures that Jim has mentioned of the beano. Hope someone comes up with a way he can show them to us.
On the subject of pubs, my nan mainly used the Castle, but sometimes she would go to The Roundhouse! Now this pub was opposite the World Turned Upside Down thats about all I remember about it. Does anyone know if it was actually rounded at the front??
Monday 5 October 2009 8.08am
Hi Annie-May,
Don't remember Jimmy Robinson, but I certainly remember Madelene. She was a very pretty girl indeed with dark hair and I suppose she was my first real teenage crush. (I was about fourteen, a slow starter by today's standards.)It would be a bit embarrasing if she was reading this, but I'll take the chance. Don't remember the 'Round House.' The only pubs I remember along that stretch opposite 'The World Turned Upside Down' were the Magnet, the Swan and the King's Arms.Like you, I'm eagerly awaiting those pictures. Any news, Jim?
Monday 5 October 2009 9.42am
Hi Chalky.
Funny how those first loves/crushes stay fresh in the mind :) Re: the pub, just spoke to my sister and she recalls it being referred to as the Roundhouse too, maybe it was a name given by some locals? Who knows! Had a thought about those photo's, if Jim has a website maybe he could post them on there and we could all take a look?
Tuesday 24 November 2009 11.52am
Hi Chalkey,

I am Athur Dallimore's granddaughter and I am very interested in "The Lane" and how our family history has been involved over the years. Grandad's bother Bert wrote a book about it and sadly I have lost my copy but it was called "A journey down the Lane" Until about 8 yeards ago my Uncle Ken who inherited the stall business from Grandad worked there. He has sice retired to spain - but I'll pass your memories on to my Dad (who's not on the net)I am sure they will ring bells. I wonder how many people remember it as it was? I am so glad there are sites like this where people can share. Drop me a line I'd love to hear your memories.

Tuesday 24 November 2009 7.35pm
Hi Tara,
I'm gobsmacked! Arthur's granddaughter! I always thought of Arthur as the quiet one of the partnership. It was always Herbie who dished out the wages on Sunday afternoons outside the barrow yard. He would have to break off from his lunchtime tipple, but didn't lose any time getting back to the pub after payout. Herbie would always query what hours we had done. He would ask us one by one what days we had worked and would always say, 'Are you sure you were in on that day? I don't remember seeing you.' It was all a jovial wind-up of course, and we always got our full whack. The barrow yard was on a slight incline and when you rolled the first barrow down the slope there was nothing better to wake you up at six o'clock on a winter's morning than an ice-cold shower from the rainwater that had collected overnight in the tarpaulin on top.

Auntie Pat,
I had a couple of schoolmates who lived in Keston House. Peter Adams and Ron Proctor. Like me, they would now be in their early sixties. Have you heard of them?
Wednesday 25 November 2009 2.52am
Hi Chalkey, those names don't ring a bell but I'm only 50!

I used to play out with the Fletcher girls from no 7 - there weren't that many children in Keston House compared to the other blocks, like Bethersden, which were much rowdier!
Wednesday 25 November 2009 7.35am
Hey there you girls, I was nowhere near the area in the days you mention, so I'm barging in, but I just want to say how delighted I am to read these posts....isnt it lovely to find that in these miserable modern days at least THIS area of the Internet enables such a marvellous re-connection of this kind. Get together all of you, and build up the picture, it's just terrific! And Tara, FIND THE BOOK!!
Wednesday 25 November 2009 9.39am
OMG Auntie Pat.....Only 50!
I hope you don't think I've been grooming you!!!
Seriously, Jackie, you're so right. This is a great site and I'm delighted to have stumbled accross it. It has given me the opportunity to re-live some very old and very precious memories. I've lost touch with everyone from my young days and as I was an only child there are no siblings to chew the fat with. My wife is fifteen years younger than me and from Essex, so that's a dead end too!
I'm sure I get on a few peoples nerves with some of my postings, which are often long-winded and self-indulgent. But it's enjoyably therapeutic and I'm glad some of you find them interesting.
Wednesday 25 November 2009 10.29am
Chalkey - your postings do not get on my nerves. I thoroughly enjoy them; they make me smile because, at 60, I too remember a lot of what you mention in your posts which I had previously forgotten about. Thank you for bringing my memories out of hibernation and I reckon you should write a book!
Wednesday 25 November 2009 12.53pm
Thank you, Eileen, for your kind words.
Funny you should mention a book. I did write one some years ago, based on my life experiences. It wasn't a blow-by-blow autobiography, but a series of out-takes from the most memorable parts. I sent it off to an agent and he was very complimentary, saying that it was 'Fascinating stuff and well written.' But, there's always a 'but.' He went on to say that, as I was not a well know person, the work would be of very little commercial value. I assumed he was right and put it to one side. I've since been told that I should have persevered and kept on hawking it around the agents, but I didn't have the time. I didn't do any more writing for a few years, but I've recently rekindled my interest and I'm thinking of converting the book in to a series of short stories.
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