Problem with teenagers?

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Thursday 13 March 2008 6.17pm
Is anyone else experiencing problems with a small group of teenagers loitering in their buildings in Bermondsey st?- we have a persistant group who come in and sit in the stairwell smoking/drinking (sometimes accompanied by a pit bull!). Not sure how they get access- they either have managed to find out the code to the main entrance or tailgate someone else on the way in. Any (polite) suggestions on how to get rid of them? (obviously we have tried the talking to them and asking them to leave)
Thursday 13 March 2008 7.33pm
it's very boring for you, but make a note of the times they are there and brief descriptions of them and what they're wearing. Should any problems begin or escalate, this information is invaluable to build a pattern of behaviour and to provide evidence if necessary. It's really useful if several people can provide individual diaries.
It took us over two years to solve a similar problem, but it worked in the end.
Above all - keep safe!
Are there any youth groups/organisations who might be able to give them something to do??
Thursday 13 March 2008 9.03pm
or call the cops to inform the teenagers about the law of trespass
Thursday 13 March 2008 10.46pm
could always try sprinkling copious ammounts of cayenne pepper around the areas where they like to hang out/sit/relax

few nasal irritations , sneezes , watery eyes and a dog with a very sore bum (if it sits down) and that might do the trick !!!
Friday 14 March 2008 10.10am
play classical music.
Friday 14 March 2008 10.17am
We had a problem with a guy with very loud, bass/aggressive music from his car. A quick ear-blasting burst of the Ride of the Valkyries sent him on his way pdq. Hilarious! never been back...
Friday 14 March 2008 11.39am
You could band together and buy this?

Unless you're all young too!
Friday 14 March 2008 2.28pm
Try this it is a bit messy and you will have to explain to all the tenants, put flour on the steps, they wont mess their clothes friends have laughed we had a problem on our little wall outside they threw the beercans and everything down. i went outside and told them it was bug powder!actually thinking about it was talc but better not put that on the stairs..the pitbull bit would concern me if i had a cat...
Monday 17 March 2008 12.43pm
i've noticed that a group of homeless guys seem to have set up camp in the doorway of one of the offices next to Bermondsey Kitchen. They also have a couple of pitbulls who just roam around. Not sure if this is the same lot but with recent attempts of break in on our building i'd be extra vigilant.
Once they are in your building no one is going to hear them having a go at your door during the day time if no one is in.
Your insurance may even be invalidated if they've been allowed entry through the front door.
Monday 17 March 2008 2.51pm
How many of you are there in the building?
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