Credit crunch and the Elephant & Castle regeneration

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Friday 21 March 2008 8.30pm
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

From an ancient thread:Elephant regeneration. The saga continues.

MM on Sunday 1 June 2003 10.59am wrote:
So we have yet another official timetable from Southwark council on their perennial SRB regeneration cock-up, ... Anyone want to offer me odds on slippage on this timetable? I am more than happy to offer a little wager that I will be claiming my pension in 2027 and we will still will have a bright red shopping centre surrounded by 1960s social housing mistakes, and a motorway roundabout from hell.

Lang Rabbie on Sunday 1 June 2003 11.22am wrote:
No, surely the Shopping Centre will have had at least three superficial cosmetic makovers by 2027.

Perhaps James could arrange an online poll for the next colour - terracotta would be a move upmarket !?!
Friday 21 March 2008 10.22pm
Brilliant! and so true. It really is the worst example of regeneration in London. I wish that the press would catch on and be more investigative instead of regurgitating endless pr nonsense from developers.
Monday 7 April 2008 1.10pm
i am certain the shopping centre will be a listed building soon. the banks will not lend huge amount of money to replace yet another shopping centre.
Monday 7 April 2008 5.32pm
Are your 2 statements supposed to lead on from each other? If so I really can't follow the logic that the credit crunch would have any effect on listing or otherwise!

I can't see any way that the shopping centre will be listed. It's not a good example of brutalist architecture in the slightest, far better examples have been rejected for listing elsewhere in London and subsequently demolished, for example Milton Court next to the Barbican.
Tuesday 8 April 2008 12.30pm
I've rather steered clear of this discussion for a bit, needing to understand more about why this infuriating delay has occurred and furthermore why no one seems to be saying anything...without doling out brickbats left and right (and there are plenty to be doled) can I say that there is a LOT afoot, and the developers are not to blame (it's a big loss to them if the projects are static). There have been so many haituses (does one say haitii?) with Council upheavals, and now the mayoral election which is giving TFL the jitters, etc., plus the switching of horses at the Elephant Regen. offices, and this has been a catastrophe in terms of keeping up morale and momentum. As they say...dont panic!
Tuesday 8 April 2008 4.50pm
When you say a Lot a foot, do you mean in a positive sense that things are about to happen iminently in terms of getting on with work or just that there is a lot of politics going on?
Wednesday 9 April 2008 1.06pm
'1.5bn project down the Tube' is headline in property section of evening standard today. Apparently transport for london is pushing to off load tube station upgrades on the developer lend lease which is threatening to derail the project. Contributions of up to 500 million are being asked for. Article also mentioned owner of the pink shopping center has no commercial urgency to develop it as it is making money.

A feasibility study needs to be carried out by transport for london..more delay
Wednesday 9 April 2008 3.22pm
Feasibility of what? Does it say?
Wednesday 9 April 2008 3.25pm

The story has obviously come from St Modwen so I can't help wondering if it's part of a political game between them and Lend Lease/the council about what will happen to the shopping centre.

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Wednesday 9 April 2008 3.30pm
Sorry: answered my own question by looking at the link
It raises an interesting question: is this the first TfL have heard of the Elephant and Castle regeneration? Why were their plans not synced to the timetable of the development as a whole? Am I being naive to expect that Ken's strategic transport arm should be aware of what was going on in one of his strategic development hubs?

Or is this like the long-heralded decommission of the European terminal at Waterloo, where a much-trailed event ushers in five years of bureaucratic head-scratching?
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