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Thursday 7 February 2002 3.16pm

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't yesterday some kind of Royal Jubilee and weren't we all supposed to be having tea parties and street parties in our commoners type of knee slapping way whilst waving small but colourful flags?

Is there going to be another Jubilee day or something?

Wot happened to the street parties?
(Not that I'm in to all that trestle table malarky its just I remember the one in the 1970's and it was a huge affair)...
Or have I got all this wrong completely?
Thursday 7 February 2002 3.27pm
Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne (or the 50th anniversary of the death of George VI, depending which way you look at it).

I don't think that people were expected to have street parties yesterday (it is early February, after all...)

All that kind of stuff will happen in June, when we have the extended bank holiday weekend.

There's going to be a <a href="http://dswark.org/cathedral/jubilee.htm">big event in Borough Market</a>, as part of Southwark's contribution to the festivities.
Thursday 7 February 2002 3.45pm

Oh Coooooollll
So I do get to dress up and dance around...and eat lots of jammy things!
Thanks for the info on Borough Market....I'll check it out as I hope others will do to...
Blimey...this site is a minefield of information...
It's fab!
Friday 8 February 2002 11.54am
I for one shall be slapping my thighs and doing the hokey pokey down Jamacia Road during the 4 day weekend in June!
Friday 8 February 2002 11.57am

Isn't it hokey Cokey...and not Pokey..?.Tee hee..the mind boggles.
Friday 8 February 2002 12.02pm
If we're going to be pedantic, can I point out that I was slightly troubled by your description of this website as a "minefield of information" (ie an obstacle course/dangerous place).

I'd have been happier if you thought it was a "mine of information" (ie gold mine, coal mine etc)!!!!!


Friday 8 February 2002 12.18pm

Okay okay...
So we all do it...and its funny (and cute) when it happens...
Especially if the intention is tremendously serious or genuine or something.

Okay James Hatts!
Smarty pants/know it all...

; ]
Saturday 9 February 2002 9.59pm
Don't you go upsetting our James.
Incidently does he really exist except to provide poor SE1ers with vital information. What does he look like. How do we know when he is passing us in the street. Or sitting at the next table in a resturant.
Perhaps he should make a special appearance at a street party. Or maybe we could have one in his honour.
Perhaps SE1 could declare independence and then we could choose.
Monday 11 February 2002 11.43am

I wrecken James Hatts is the SE 1 version of 'Fox Mulder' :
Secretive, on a mission, collecting newspaper cut outs and snippets of information in his cool loft converted SE1 property... Intellegent, slightly sarcy, trendy but not in a self conscious way...James Mulder...oops sorry Hatts..
suffers no fools in the least bit gladly...

So no Sarah, we shan't see him tom fooling around at Borough on Jublilee day as Fox Mulder types are tormented by their inquisitive intellegent nature..

Meanwhile you and I can help ourselves to more jubillee jelly and only wonder on the mystery man that feeds info constantly into the SE1 Forum...

Tuesday 12 February 2002 4.20pm

I actually did mean hokey pokey! ;0)

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