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Monday 3 November 2003 2.18pm
Remember, remember the fifth of November ... When I was "younger" fireworks were on November 5, a few before maybe, but nowadays it seems to go on for months. Every night they wizzz and bang. As soon as one lot finishes and you think you can go to sleep, the next barrage starts. Wen I was "young" Bangers banged, but now they are ear shattering explosions which shake the ground. I even heard them when I woke at 3.30 in the morning recently. No longer are fireworks a "special" occasion for November 5, but it is for the whole of September, October and november. Not only that, living near to tower bridge they are used for every conceivable occasion nowadays, from Mr Livingstons festivals to some dignataries birthday. Come on, someone, give us a break. It would be quieter living in a war zone. Finally, is there any help for some who has just realised he is sounding old and complaining.

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Monday 3 November 2003 2.46pm
Your right John - the noise is unbelievable - we live near the subways in new kent road and when ****s throw then under the noise echoes and the words ' a bombs gorn orff' springs to mind.

Ann Widdecombe nearby had a firework put through her letter box which must have frightened the life out of her poor 92 year old Mum, and her little cat.

What I find worrying is the way that so many cheap fireworks are allowed in the country and sold cheaply in 'bargain' shops.

All fireworks to me are dangerous, even well organised displays have their risks. I have been to a few where the display fireworks have misrouted into the crowd. Many years ago at the Oval cricket ground, me being a wimp stood right at the back of the stands , then a rocket zoomed six inches past my ear!

Sparklers should be banned also, the tempeatures I read somehwere reach levels suitable for welding metal.

Lets stop them being sold until two days before, and sue parents who give them to the kids...and I know I am a killjoy!

My Mum who's 86 jumps out of her chair when she hears them..she said all she needs is her gas mask and she's back in the war years!

Monday 3 November 2003 4.59pm
Wasn't there a similar thread last year........and the year before.

Think it almost led to an impromptu fireworks party for those who are still kids at heart.

Does anyone have a garden - happy to bring round two kids and a large (and cheap) box of fireworks.
Tuesday 4 November 2003 6.26am
I know Sarah :-) but the love of repeating one's self gets stronger every year , next year when I get around to clearing the garden you'd be welcome to come around! but not with cheap fireworks...and no Thunderclaps, no Atomic Bombs,, just some pretty fizzy things!... a bottle of cheap redplonk that we can mull...

And yes my children did have fireworks...just in case you think I am a real kill joy...:-)

Reading my previous post I shall now delete the bit about sue parents who give them to the kids, as it sounds pompous and honest I'm not.

Jan :-)
Tuesday 4 November 2003 8.36am

Its not that they are cheap fireworks, but that fireworks are cheap. We are allowing the kids two a night in our tiny back yard. Last night was a sort of silver rain stuff and something like traffic lights but which lasted a lot longer.

The smell was terrific. A childhood memory of autumn which includes damp leaves and fresh apples.

Raising kids in the city means their childhood memories won't be the same as mine, but I do want to share some things.

This year why not come round to us. We dont have a garden but can provide the wine.

Anonymous User
Tuesday 4 November 2003 8.42am
I must be a big kid at heart because I love them - I rush to draw back the curtains every time I hear a bang so that I can watch them showere over the city... I for one will be standingin the cold on Blackfriars Bridge watching the display on Saturday!

That said - when kids with no idea of right or wrong get ahold of them they are dangerous and frightening.

Someone stop me before I start ranting about the youth of today!!

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