shopping monoculture

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Thursday 4 December 2003 2.43pm
I have hidden depths young man! besides massage is very very relaxing! besides you must judge a book by it's pension cover!

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Thursday 4 December 2003 2.56pm
young man!
35... does that count
you flatterer you!

Are you going to the social next week?

Wanna go halves on a bottle of Taboo?
Thursday 4 December 2003 3.20pm
Jan (and any other foodies)

There is a superb butcher in Crimscott St, just down Grange Road on the right. It is called Ashby's, and it is their processing place for their smart butcher's shop in Leadenhall mart. It's open from about 3am until about 3pm, and their meat is excellent - they hang it all themselves, so you don't get the revolting tasteless beef you get from Tesco.

There's no 'butcher's window', and they're not cheap, but they have pretty much everything in stock for you if you ask, and they're not outrageously expensive.
Thursday 4 December 2003 3.48pm
Mapmaker - thats great news....real proper meat....not packed in polystyrene trays, covered with clingfilm which is supposed to be carcinogenic... will toddle down next week, thank you.

Thursday 4 December 2003 3.57pm
thanks mapmaker, Ive been looking for something like that.

Thursday 4 December 2003 4.50pm
Don't know whether they do butchers waste and bones, Mr Caninus. But glad to have been of assistance.
Thursday 4 December 2003 7.01pm
Alan Day and Big Dave

ha - nice comments about the Old Kent Rd being at least some kind of respite from the *real* shopping monoculture of the everywhere-the-same Great British High St.

Although I think that honour should perhaps go to the Elephant & Castle shopping centre.

Perhaps it will be the first shopping mall to be honoured by the Naomi Klein/No Logo/anti-globalisation crew as some kind of 'model of resistance'?

Thursday 4 December 2003 7.14pm

Sorry to disillusion you, but the recent tenant mix in the Elephant was actually all part of a capitalist plot, ably organised by evil genius of retailing Eric Reynolds of Urban Space Management, the begetters of the hell that is Camden Lock ...

See his other clients listed on the projects page ...
Thursday 4 December 2003 8.38pm
actually that second link is a bit of a hoot. Almost satire...

although I have to say I am a fan of the shopping centre as it's just so wierd. And great South American vibe..hasta la vista as they say.
Friday 5 December 2003 6.14am
Big Dave - what type of drink is Taboo? will it make me go red and blotchy and fall over ! Seeing as we have such a vast range of drinking konnysewers here , does any one know where I can buy a bottle of Clove Cordial, it's alcoholic of course. It used to be sold several years ago and was served with rum, great if you have a chesty cold.
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