shopping monoculture

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Friday 5 December 2003 10.35am
Well, I would like to see a proper butcher's shop that sells game, a fishmonger, a greengrocer - my Argentine friends don't like Tesco, they say the food doesn't smell of anything - where you can go and buy whatever is in season, a florist, a shoe shop, a couple of decent vintners, a proper hardware shop, a record shop, some decent pubs (something the Old Kent Road is sadly lacking) and maybe one of those fancy dress shops Mr. Benn used to go into....
Friday 5 December 2003 10.46am
Taboo is wonderful
very popular in the 80's with its sister "liquer" Mirage, serve with lemonade on ice or if you're really classy, straight from the bottle after some kiwi 20/20.
Friday 5 December 2003 11.37am
Well there is an excellent butcher who will sell you game. You may have to order it the previous day if it's something obscure.

Also on Crimscott St is a very high class sausage factory that will serve retail customers.
Friday 5 December 2003 12.01pm
actually on the subject of recommending local shops, Star Video on Walworth Rd is quite something.

Instead of racks of empty boxes a la Blockbusters, this place has walls filled with files containing lists of thousands of films. You can get everything - all the rarities and classics that are impossible to find in the chain video stores. Kind of the British Library of video.

The only issue is that it's a bit rickety and not so easy to browse - you need to have a film in mind or you could get lost in all the lists.

But the place is a great local asset, much used by film researchers I am told, and extra fabulous that it survives almost next to Blockbusters.
Friday 5 December 2003 2.13pm
dave B

I think you are indeed safe to say there is a "problem with gangs/crews in SE1" if that's your belief.
Personnaly however, I do not hate being a young black male in the area, I don't lack direction, and do not feel excluded or let down.
Equally, I would disagree that my culture advocates violence, drugs, or the use of firearms. We are so much more.

I do enjoy listening to rap and hip-hop music, but have so far resisted the urge for murder and mayhem.
However, I don't enjoy being reduced to cultural stereotype.

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