Can anyone recommend broadband supplier?

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Thursday 28 August 2008 7.03pm
We've been with Tiscali for nearly four years now and quite liked them when they started as Homechoice. However, we're not at all happy with the technical service now. Can anyone recommend a supplier with good, fast, reliable broadband, movies-on-demand and catch-up TV? Not bothered about all the satellite channels but customer service is important. Monthly costs? And is there anyone we shouldn't go near?
Thursday 28 August 2008 9.44pm
First off - ignore any postings here that say "go with xxx ISP, they are tops!!!" - this is subjective information and no better than the childish "my car is better that your car". ISPs change from month to month - you need to do your own research!

FYI, I have been with force9 (Plusnet) for about 11 years and am, in general, happy. But there are better ISPs out there - I just don't want the hassle of getting a MAC code and jumping thru the hoops!

From my own research (when force9 were really bad) I have heard great things about Zen. But if I were starting again (it's not easy swapping ISPs) I would give this site the once over.

They have a great comparison section, which may be of help.

Do your homework and don't believe what anyone else tells you. Check out other ISP rating sites and compile your own top 3 list based on your up-to-date research. Do a Google search for "ISP review UK" to start your research. Be prepared to read a lot - it will pay off!

When you think you have chosen a great ISP, I would suggest you have a quick search in Google groups to see what the up-to-date moan/praise is on your candidate ISPs.

Good luck - let us know who you chose!

Friday 29 August 2008 7.49am
I have been with Zen for (?8) years, after research and on recommendation. I haven't had any problems with them and they have been very helpful on the times that I have needed to contact them (not much need though). The service is reliable (on the one occasion I could not connect, to pay them, they gave me that month free) and seems fast, I am not aware of any limits but don't watch films (only using bbc iplayer but watch hours on this!) I do think they are very expensive, the most expensive I have seen, though possibly if you factor in download limits of other services it might get cheaper.

There are much cheaper services around but I have not changed because everything currently works, reliably, and I am idle and need a lie down and a glass of wine if I think about all the different parameters I would have to alter! The router is connected to a pc but my macbook connects wirelessly with no problems.

Friday 29 August 2008 8.43am
For what it's worth (bearing in mind Boss St Bloke's post), I have had O2 for two months (I moved into my flat in June, but I was resisting the idea that I would personally have to pay 125 to have BT flip a switch to turn the phone service on; there didn't seem to be any way around it, though). They were very easy to work with. I ordered the mid-level speed originally and they called me up after a week and said I wasn't getting that speed (for technical reasons) and would I like them to drop the level down to the basic, cheaper one? I have NEVER had a service provider tell me they'd like to give me a lower price. Very impressed. They have also been very nice the few times I've called to ask about something. I have a Mac PowerBook which communicates fine with the (free) wireless router.
Friday 29 August 2008 9.33am
BT recently installed broadband Chez Smoggy, they were very efficient and I have always found their customer service to be good, although the 125 connection fee was a bit of a shocker!

As a contrast I have had nightmare experiences with Virgin Media and even worse with Bulldog Broadband who I actually had to threaten with police action! They took my switch card number to take the initial deposit, were unable to connect within a month despite promising within the week at which point I canceled the service but they kept taking money out of my current account using my switch card despite numerous calls of complaint! It got to the point where I informed my bank that if another payment was taken I wanted it to be treated as fraud and the police involved!

Most phone and broadband companies are so sales focused that they complete neglect existing customers, I fail to believe that it can be easier and cheaper to win a new customer, incur the initial set up costs and lose them at the end of their contract due to shoddy customer service rather than actually retain existing customers by providing acceptable levels of customer service.

Rant over! ;-)
Friday 29 August 2008 10.00am
If it's basic but media..
Friday 29 August 2008 10.08am
we had to have a phone line installed, but decided not to get broadband with BT. We eventually chose Plusnet, after lots of research, as they were the cheapest, at that time. after three weeks, the speed slowed right down, and we had an email telling us that we'd reached our download limit, and that we could pay 1 per GB extra usage, on a pay as you go style, or pay up front at 75p per extra GB. we were told that the speed of the connection would increase again at the start of the next month, and wouldn't be reduced again, regardless of which option we chose, however 3 weeks into each month, our broadband speed gets limited, and it's quite annoying. We are going to contact them to get an extra download limit.

other than that - service seems quite good. We were given a free wireless router, even though we didn't want one, and didn't require one, as we can still use the modem from the old set up we had, with different username and password. That's all installed now though, and has a good external firewall installed.
(even though the wireless router was free, we had to pay 7 postage and packing! and there wasn't an option of not having a wireless router, so technically it's not free - something which I'm in ongoing disagreement with them about....)

also i'd say it's not worth spending extra on an all singing all dancing system, if the phone line you use, and sub station aren't up to the standard required.
Friday 29 August 2008 10.17am
BSB makes some good points - the only thing I'd add is that you should consider carefully how your use your broadband at home. If you need '100% reliability' and rely on it for business, for example, I'd be inclined to pay a fair whack for quality service. On the other hand, if you just use it for streaming, games, etc., then you might be better of with a cheap/free alternative. For example, I use Sky broadband at 5 a month which is fast enough and works well 95% of the time.

Friday 29 August 2008 2.43pm
Some may disagree but for the love of God stay away from Virgin Media. Like Smoggy we were shocked at the 125 connection fee for BT so we decided to go with Virgin - big mistake.

We had so many problems with them that we actually cancelled the service before we even had it installed. The most telling thing was that they actually have a "Pre-Installation Cancellation" Department in their Call Centre.....

Friday 29 August 2008 3.03pm
Was with Bulldog for few years before got taken over by Pipex Home Call(owned by Tiscali) broadband out of action since they migrated me over, had to deal wtih indian call centers and constant ringing them to find out what was happening

Got my MAC code and signed up with htt://, not the cheapest but no throttling of bandwidth and every time i have rang I get straight through to help desk person in the uk.
They do not throttle bandwidth, so good speed for games at peak periods...

Have very good reviews, google them ...if you dont like them you only need to give a month or so notice!
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