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Monday 15 December 2003 6.29pm
Has anyone thought seriously about getting out of London?

I'm planning to move to Scotland next year. After 8 years in London, I'm tired of the overpriced drinks, even more overpriced property and the hectic commute. I long for fields but want to see them without having to spend an hour on the South Circular every time. My work will bring me down here once a month so I'll still get to visit the old place.

I do love London and still argue that it's one of the best cities in the world to live in, but the thought that my 150,000 mortgage will get me a four bed house with garden in a small Scottish village as opposed to a 1 bed flat in Camberwell has proved too much a temptation!
Monday 15 December 2003 8.27pm
I am... I shall be taking my bad sense of humour and move out of the area some time in the spring next year. I'll be moving out of the country, as I feel that England is falling apart. There are so many things that I have an issue with, it's time to do something about it... As it's unlikely that these issues are going to get resolved, so it's probably good time for me to move on.

Not for me to complain and not do something about it !!!

Monday 15 December 2003 11.57pm
Off to New Zealand soon myself. Like Jai, I'm not desperately optimistic about things only getting better thanks to the Rev. Tone and crew... And I did try to do things about it rather than just complain, both in my day job and in the SE1 community. But sometimes enough's enough and you need to take a break.

So... going back to university, but 12,000 miles away. Might be back at some point if I haven't been thrown in gaol over there for refusing to get one of Bully Blunkett's ID cards or not knowing the words to the national anthem. Maybe by then we'll have learnt that you can't have clean streets, good quality affordable housing, decent education and health services, safe streets to walk down, cheap fast public transport etc without the middle classes and rich being taxed more to pay for them. But I doubt it, which is why I'm off for the time being. Scotland would be my second choice, so have some sympathy for Big Dave's approach too...

If anyone wants to rent a 2 bed flat off Tooley Street that's just had about 17k spent on it (new kitchen, bathroom, heating, carpet, fully redecorated), let me know!

Tuesday 16 December 2003 12.27am
No relocation for me - I love London. When I get a bit fed up of it I just remind myself how desperate I was to get here as a teenager and how dreadful the country was....

Still, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.
Tuesday 16 December 2003 8.36am
Moving to Scotland?! I spent 3 years there and London is more cosmopolitan, tolerant and enjoyable. You may want to live in Scotland but do the Scots want a sassanach moving into their village?! They can be the most amazing people on earth but they can be awkward.
Tuesday 16 December 2003 9.02am
Always find it relief to get back to London and SE1 after being away for any period.

And btw, Andrew Ecclestone you can have "clean streets, good quality affordable housing, decent education and health services, safe streets to walk down, cheap fast public transport etc without the middle classes and rich being taxed more to pay for them". Have you been to Japan? Seems to work out pretty well over there. Well, maybe not the affordable housing bit, but income taxes and sales taxes are a fraction of what they are here.
Tuesday 16 December 2003 9.32am
Sorry - should have made clear, London has a lot of upsides (esp. SE1) - cultural life, architecture, the river etc. Just need a break, you know? Make me appreciate it more when/if I'm back.

As for Japan, although I'm not very informed about it's recent economic history, it seems to me it was built on about 45 years of post war borrowing and massive capital investment. I'm not knocking that, and I'm sure that in many ways the benefits are still evident, but the country's been a recession for most of the last 10 years, leading to these sorts of articles:
Tuesday 16 December 2003 9.50am
Thanks for the links. Japan has been in recession, but in comparison a Japanese slump would almost be considered a boom period in most other developed countries. Of course, its no utopia and has its share of problems. With regards to taxing the 'rich' there tend to be far fewer wealthy people in socities to tax in the first place if taxation is too high - it's just more difficult to become rich, meaning reduced tax receipts for the government, and to make up the shortfall they need to increase the tax burden on the rest of us!

All the best for you in New Zealand.

Tuesday 16 December 2003 10.05am
I would love to move out of London.

Modern culture is taking over here to the extent that I find it very hard to get sock suspenders.

And they've taken Dunn & Co off Oxford St.

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Tuesday 16 December 2003 8.05pm

As a Kiwi who spent 3 very enjoyable years in SE1, I have recently returned to New Zealand. If you have any questions about Lord of the Rinds sites, rugby, surfing, skiing, cricket or the economy please feel free to ask me.
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