Looking for a Cozy Coffee Shop

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Sunday 12 October 2008 11.19pm
I just moved into the area (right near Tower Bridge Road and Tooley Street) and I was looking for a good comfy coffee shop to go read. I'm a PhD student, so my day pretty much consists of reading books, drinking coffee, and sitting around thinking; now I just need a place to do it. Every college town in the US has a bunch of places named "The Daily Grind" or "Common Grounds", etc. and I am hoping that there is one near where I live. I am just looking for a place with beatup, overstuffed chairs where you can get a good coffee and read your book all afternoon. Starbucks is expensive (and terrible) so I am hoping there is a place around here.

Monday 13 October 2008 2.18am
How about coffee@tower bridge road? I used to study there all the time last year and never got chased out once.
Monday 13 October 2008 11.55am
Not a huge fan of that coffee@towerbridgeroad personally - feels like an old school classroom: but each ot their own. Its been a few years since I was a student so I might just be out of touch. Best in the neighbourhood in my view is SOBO further up Tower Bridge Road - a very cool and local vibe. For a fifferent feel I also like the cafe in Tower Bridge Plaza which does great mugs of tea and toast. It has great seting outside if its sunny.
Monday 13 October 2008 8.10pm
What about coffe@Bermondsey Street? It's not too far from Tower Bridge Road and Tooley Street, got leather sofas and a very laid back attitude. Coffee's not bad, either.
Tuesday 14 October 2008 9.49am
All these places sound interesting. Where exactly is the place on Bermondsey Street and where is the Coffee at Tower Bridge Road? I checked out the SOBO...it was nice, but very hip/too cool for me.
Tuesday 14 October 2008 11.44am
RE: The Coffee@'s, one's on Bermondsey Street south of Tanner Street and one's on Tower Bridge Road at Druid Street. Read the reviews though. I can't stand the one on TBR, haven't been to the other one but have been told it's better (can't possibly be worse). Don't know exactly where SOBO is on the overly hip barometer, but you may have the same problem with Coffee@.



If you don't like those, there's one or two more on Bermondsey Street I think. And if you don't like those either, you could try the Bridge Lounge on Tooley Street. They're nice enough, make a good stong cup of coffee, have a comfy couch and depending on the time of day may not mind you lounging around but who knows, they might. They have a nice big window with a river view. After that you should try the Cat & Cucumber on TBR & Druid Street. I've never been there, I just like the name and the shabby, well-loved looking building. The reviews make it sound appealing and who knows, maybe they make good coffee and don't mind people sitting around for hours?


Good luck!
Tuesday 14 October 2008 1.40pm
its a chain but i find the Caffe Nero on The Cut suits the criteria specified - if you don't mind a short walk

nice comfy chairs and sofs and allows you to look up and watch the world go by along the cut
Tuesday 14 October 2008 2.11pm
Oops. I meant to say that Bridge Lounge has a view of Tower Bridge, not a river view.
Wednesday 15 October 2008 11.14am
I thought PhD students tended to work in research libraries (or laboratories, of course, if scientists), not in coffee shops.
Sunday 7 December 2008 5.07pm
my two faves for lounging around and reading are Cafe Arlington (this has got to be the most ethical coffee in SE1- fair trade, organic, social enterprise, helping the homeless, these guys seem to be super fluffy-types and really friendly) and the Cafe Nero on clink street (upstairs for undistracted reading and thinking space)

hope you've found one now

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