Warning - Costcutter Great Dover Street

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Thursday 16 October 2008 1.41pm
Clearing out my purse, noticed a receipt from the above store...which had ALL of my 16 digit number printed right accross it and expiry date...from the food till, not post office side..

phoned head office of Costcutters and it seems very little can be done even though the guy admitted it was not an ideal situation,but that I should not worry as the 3 digit number on the back card is not known! As the till is not always one of ' theirs' nowt can be done.. is changing my card a good idea? or am i worrying without cause!
someone is supposed to phone me back...
Thursday 16 October 2008 2.58pm
Printing the expiry date is standard - printing all 16 digits is not - but it seems lots of places do it.

However, as long as your 4 digit PIN and 3 digit Card Security Code are still only known to you I would not worry. Credit/Debit card companies will reimburse you for fraudulent use of your card as long as you have not revealed your PIN/Card Security Code - which I am sure you have not.

I always shred my receipts once I have confirmed a purchase. Vote with your feet until Costcutter's sort out this issue.
Thursday 16 October 2008 6.01pm
The CC receipts at Tate Modern include (because I am a member) my home address, which strikes me as a bit of a security risk, to say the least.
Friday 17 October 2008 6.59am
Having worked in a number of retail places, i can guess what happened.

A lot of card machines print two receipts, one for you and one for the store. The one for the store often has all the details revealed and you're one dosent. Im guessing he gave you the wrong one.

I dont know why they do this, its kind of assuming that they are safer with the details then you are!
Friday 17 October 2008 8.07am
I would imagine that they need the receipt with the full details so that if in the future there is a problem or error, they can check back through the receipts, find the right one, and have the details.

it's probably a legal obligation or something.

"yes officer, here's the receipt with that card number, it was used on the 14th Jan, at 2.15pm, we've checked the security camera video, and at that time the person using this card was 4 ft 8 inch old lady with a cane, tied back hair in a bun, "looks a bit like Mrs Doubtfire you say"?, yes we thought so too. She has a reward card with us, she lives at 14 Lettersby Avenue, SE1. She purchased 10 assorted coloured cans of spray paint, a balaclava, several tubes of extra strong super glue, some tights, a pair of scissors, and a bag of flour. nothing like her usual weekly shop of 2 jars of marmalade, a small white loaf, a bag of suger, 2 pints of milk, and a copy of FHM. Glad to be of assistance"

you can see how it'd be useful - rather than "we've looked through receipts for that day, but as we only have the last 4 digits, there are several people it could have been"
Friday 17 October 2008 8.57am
Well you had me hip size down to the last inch!..lol...
Friday 17 October 2008 2.24pm
Hahahahahahahahaha, JonR, thanks very much for that.

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