Kindness in Borough

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Monday 10 November 2008 8.01pm
I was so pleasantly surprised on Friday evening in Borough High Street when I heard a young man running along,calling to a couple to stop.He caught up with them and handed over a wad of bank notes that the gent had dropped.Both they and I gasped with the shock of it.True kindness is such a pleasure to experience,isn't it?
Monday 10 November 2008 8.32pm
such HONESTY, it's amazing. Guy deserves a medal.
Tuesday 11 November 2008 9.12am
Such cynicism that you think this is extraordinary behaviour. Woudn't most of us do the same?
Tuesday 11 November 2008 9.23am
On the flipside of the coin..A friend of mine recently had his rucksack pinched whilst enjoying a coffee opposite Monmouth..Two guys can be seen on cctv "working" the careful
Tuesday 11 November 2008 12.25pm
A slightly scary looking guy rang my door bell the other night. When I tentatively peered round the door chain he pointed out I'd left my car lights on.
I was immensely grateful to the kind man.
Tuesday 11 November 2008 12.29pm
Beowulf, that was my reaction too.
Tuesday 11 November 2008 1.35pm
Of course it's what we'd all do,but I was just so happy to witness this happening after having had my purse stolen twice ,burgled three times and my bank account hacked into and my bank account emptied twice.I am still so pleased for other people when there is a happy conclusion.It just restores one's faith and in no way would I suggest that the majority of people are dishonest.II thought that by relating this snapshot that others would also feel uplifted.People don't have to get on their high horses over this !
Tuesday 11 November 2008 1.41pm
Beowulf wrote:
Such cynicism that you think this is extraordinary behaviour. Woudn't most of us do the same?

Absolutely, we do tend to focus too much on the darker sides of people's characters and are often blind to kindnesses.

Relevant also to the thread about how rude people can be on buses I have to say that while I was on crutches and using buses to get everywhere the other passengers couldn't have been nicer. Almost without exception people were making sure I had enough room to get to a seat and where necessary vacate their seat for me. There are plenty of good 'uns round here too!
Tuesday 11 November 2008 2.10pm
Thankyou,Scamp. I was beginning to think that I was a bit simple minded,with a country bumpkin mentality,despite having been born and bred an Inner Londoner. That's good to know that other pasengers are helping you,isn't it a painful experience having crutches to depend upon?
I fell over at Waterloo,breaking my wrist.I was so grateful to the commuters who came rushing over to pick me up,gather the contents of my handbag together (no,this wasn't one of the occasions when I lost my money!) and offered to escort me to A&E.
I wish you a quick recovery.
Tuesday 11 November 2008 2.34pm
It was a nice story, and thank you for sharing it.
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