British Gas Direct Debit

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Friday 28 November 2008 12.05pm
British Gas have decided that I have to increase my Direct Debit although I am well and truly in credit, over 100. My gas usage is pretty low and while I know it will go up in Winter, there is no reason to increase my monthly payment. They refuse to review this and that's that. I'm tempted to cancel my DD and just pay as the bill comes in but not sure if that affects the rate BG charge me. Has anyone else experienced this/any ideas how to fight this. It's very annoying
Friday 28 November 2008 1.10pm
Yes - every year with both British Gas and EDF Energy. Last year at review time British Gas tried to increase by payments by 75%, even though I was in credit and EDF Energy by 80%. This after sending me a congratulatory email saying my usage had decreased from the year before. I write to them every year in simple terms suggesting they simply do this as a matter of course in the assumption that most people will just pay up and that, in my case, their percentage increase is exorbitant. Every year they 'phone me up in response and say 'we don't know whey your payments were increased by so much, we'll reduce them'. Funny that. Anyway, kick up a fuss, otherwise you could simply keep the DD system in place, but for quarterly payments so that they can only take the amount of the bill. I think I'm going to do that from now on.
Friday 28 November 2008 1.24pm
I get gas and elec from EDF with dual fuel discount and nectar points for submitting my readings online plus nectar points for quick payment. That's about 4000 nectar points per year which is only 20 quid I know.
I pay the bills in full with online banking when received and don't use DD to avoid overpaying.
My 6 Aug to 4 Sep 2008 gas was charged at 7.000p per kwh.
For the same period 2007 it was 3.529p per kwh so it's doubled in a year.
What do British Gas charge per kwh?

For electricity EDF for last quarter as above charged 18.910p for the first 222 units and 11.530p for all subsequent units used.
Same quarter in 2007 was 14.990p for first 180 units and 9.140p for remainder so 30% increase in 2008.
Friday 28 November 2008 1.37pm
I'm with EDF. I pay by standing order on the dual fuel plan. I pay the same amount every month and when I receive my statement, if I'm in credit I call them and ask for a refund.
Friday 28 November 2008 10.34pm
Yes, approx. every three months when I was with British Gas and I would phone them up and point out I'd been with them for ten years and they should know perfectly well I don't use anything like that amount of gas and they'd apologize and leave my DD where it was and then three months later we'd do it all again.

They are the most expensive and most unuserfriendly.

Go to and SWITCH.

I did. It's saving me buckets.
Monday 1 December 2008 4.39pm
thanks all for your comments, I feel much less unreasonable now for resisting the direct debit increase.
Monday 1 December 2008 5.19pm
When my father died in may this year we discovered he was over 3,000 in credit with his electricity supplier. Which I thought was outragious.
Tuesday 2 December 2008 1.21pm
that kind of thing should be illegal - we should complain to watchdog, and Offgas (?the power regulator?)

and maybe write to our local MP.
Wednesday 3 December 2008 11.34am
Managing Director of British Gas will be discussing this on Radio 4 at 12.04pm today. A bit close, I know but but I've just heard them announce it.
Wednesday 3 December 2008 3.00pm
You should be able to 'Listen Again' to it though ...
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