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Friday 19 December 2008 3.17pm
If there were a General Election tomorrow, who would you vote for and why?
Wednesday 14 January 2009 8.23pm
Good question, wjfox2004. No idea. Of course there won't be an election just yet, but isn't it strange that the government can set the election date as they please and therefore make sure it is at a time that suits them? Of course the alternative would be 6 months of electioneering which would be hard to bear.
Monday 2 February 2009 6.47pm
Don't matter who you vote for, the government always wins
Monday 2 February 2009 7.29pm
Dickie wrote:
Don't matter who you vote for, the government always wins

As meaningful as saying "doesn't matter who you want to win the Premiership, it's always a football team"
Thursday 5 February 2009 1.28pm
I want Aston Villa to win the Premiership, but it's not that likely.

I would vote (locally) for someone who I felt best represented my views on a local level - most probably Simon Hughes, if he were standing.
On a national level I would do the same thing - vote for a person who's party most represents my views.

these two need not necessarily be the same party.
Monday 16 February 2009 7.58am
anyone but Brown...the guy has been a catastrophe
Thursday 30 April 2009 2.39pm
The era when a political part is in power for a long time is over .

Who ever the next government is will do what's best for the country then NAF OFF ,

Not do what they thing will keep them in power for the next hundred years .

We have had enough of that.
Friday 1 May 2009 7.20am
Who knows..,.maybe a new Obama will arise...just reading his book by the way. I definitely will not vote for Brown and his gang...they seem to have lost the plot entirely, and indeed I couldnt stand Tony Blair either..self satisfied git. I guess I'd rather give David Cameron a go if I have to choose.
Friday 1 May 2009 8.57am
If you want real change then vote Lib Dem! - a timeline of future history
Friday 1 May 2009 1.06pm
wjfox2004 wrote:
If you want real change then vote Lib Dem!

You are joking, right? Surely history has so far shown they really are all as good/bad as the other, just in slightly different ways. I am not allowed to vote in general elections here but would honestly struggle to find any of the 3 parties being better than the others and question their ability to provide real change.
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