Argos - exemption from 30 day guarantee for digital cameras

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Monday 5 January 2009 2.03pm
Happy New Year Everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone (particularly ex or current Argos employees) could give me some advice.

My Dad bought me an 8MP digital camera from Argos this year for Christmas, which I chose after looking through the catalogue. There weren't too many details about the technical spec in the catalogue, just some gubbins about the lens/shutter speed and that it had "14 scene modes". I had a look on some digital camera review websites, read some reviews, etc, before I made my decision.

However, when I unwrapped it and had a look on christmas day, I realised it actually isn't half as good as I was led to believe; the flash makes every person look like a ghost (I've tried all the different flash options to no avail), most pictures have terrible red-eye (even with red eye reduction on), and it doesn't even shoot in black and white or sepia - even my rubbish little camera phone does that!

I went to take it back with the receipt, intending on doing a straight swap for a Kodak model which was exactly the same price, but Argos refused to swap it, even thought it had barely been used and was in the original packaging, as it was excluded from their 30 day guarantee. I hear this is the case for most digital items at Argos, and is to do with people being able to save data on hard drives and then return them to the shop, (causing security issues, etc).

My question is - does anyone know of any way I can get around it? The camera is basically unused, and isn't fit for my purpose. I wanted a digital camera that could shoot in black and white and take decent pictures, and I wasn't able to find this out as its full features weren't listed on the Argos website. The pictures it produces are not as good as I expected from an 8MP camera and I just want a straight swap for a different model. I know it is stated on ordering that the camera is exempt from the guarantee, but I thought that just meant if you changed your mind about it or it was bought by mistake - what if it doesn't do the things you expected it to, and isn't fit for purpose?

Any advice would be great, thanks!

Emma x
Monday 5 January 2009 2.16pm
If it doesn't work properly then you are covered and you can return it to the seller (Argos) who is liable to ensure you have a properly working item. All but perishable and time restricted items should be covered for up to 12 months from the purchase date against defects and this is a statutory right under the sale of goods act.

If you want to swap it beacuse you have changed your mind then that is at the dicretion of the seller, and is an entirely different matter.

You need to make quite clear to Argos why you are returning the camera, and remind them of the obligations.
Monday 5 January 2009 2.40pm
Argos are within their rights to refuse a refund/replacement for non-faulty stuff like this, so you probably won't get very far unless you get a really sympathetic store manager.

You could try going further up the chain - write them a letter explaining that you didn't know about the refund policy when you bought it and setting out the circumstances, and you might get some joy. I have often found that the staff higher up in customer service departments are very useful for sorting out inconveniences, although in this case as they haven't done anything wrong, you are relying on their goodwill.

NB the software that comes with the camera will almost certainly be able to convert to black and white and probably sepia as well - most digital cameras do this via a software process anyway, so you'll get the same result.
Monday 5 January 2009 3.16pm
Thanks for your speedy replies guys - ADT i have checked the software and it is next to useless - all you can do is import pictures, there are no edit functions at all! I have some other photo editing software on my laptop that can correct red-eye and turn photos b/w etc, but I don't really want to do that to large numbers of photos at a time.

I guess my best bet is trying again and asking politely to speak to the store manager. The problem isn't that I have changed my mind about the camera, but that it doesn't perform as well as I expected for such an expensive and top-name camera.

Thanks again for your advice :-)
Tuesday 6 January 2009 7.57am
Emma can't you take it back to a different store and just say it's broken? Or go back to the original store and waffle on about trade description not being accurate etc.?

or is that too dishonest...
Tuesday 6 January 2009 9.43pm
What model/brand is it?
Thursday 8 January 2009 10.23am
It's an 8MP Fujifilm Finepix J10, in Black.
Monday 12 January 2009 4.48pm
the camera not doing what it's supposed to do, should be enough to take it back.

trades descriptions acts might apply.

a stupid question, but ... did you read the manual?
Store manager won't refund or exchange if it turns out that camera does exactly what it should but you're just not operating it properly.
Monday 12 January 2009 11.07pm
Is this it?
Why not offer it as a swap for someone else's unwanted christmas pressie.
I got a MorphyRichards Food Fusion coffee machine for christmas and didn't even bother taking it out of the box.
Bet lots of people would offer a decent swap for a 8MP Fujifilm Finepix J10, assuming it's not damaged and does what it's supposed to.

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