Little Chef/Heston

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Wednesday 21 January 2009 11.02am
found it a bit boring really, but could not stop watching it, especially as manager of 30 years standing had no knowledge of cooking ' we are not chefs' etc. and the lady Heston decided to train as she was the worst food chucker on the hob...and when she had a fag outside leaning on the wall I hope she it was at the end of her shift!

what was the stuff they poured over the fried eggs?
Wednesday 21 January 2009 1.37pm
thought it was great TV.

the guy in charge of little Chef came across as a complete twat, it's obvious that he is just using this as a publicity stunt. He has no idea of what his customers actually want, if he really thinks that Heston, is the right person for the task.

I felt like playing 'office manager speak Bingo'
phrases like 'Blue Sky thinking', 'outside the box', 'moving forward' really get on my wick!

can't believe he hung up on him, and refused to be filmed - clearly guilty of something.
Wednesday 21 January 2009 3.01pm
I'd never heard of ' Blue sky thinking' and outside the box etc. The bloke in charge I agree was a dork and I could not help thinking Heston was being used to as a cheap ad. for them... I found the boss of little chef irritating and just like a few bosses that I had known in the past, full of hot air and piffle.

I now want one of Hestons Ox cheek meals...
Thursday 22 January 2009 1.24pm
I thought it was quite lazy TV to be honest - Heston Blumethal's chefs came across as arrogant when they first sat down in the Little Chef (laughing in disbelief at the chair being ripped, camera close-ups on peeling paint on the walls etc). Yes, we know the decor in a failing restaurant chain isn't going to be as posh as it is in your Michelin-starred restaurant, that's kind of a given.

And the scene outside where the Little Chef employee was explaining that they needed to be able to get meals out quickly and the Fat Duck Chefs started swearing at him really annoyed me.

Although I do agree that it was the Chief Exec's fault - he was using the whole thing as a publicity stunt, and I agree that he obviiously has no idea what his customers want. People go to Little Chefs because they are tired, hungry and want to eat something they know they will like. Not "Thyroid Hotpot" or whatever Heston was serving.

He was the wrong choice of chef, Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay would have been much more appropriate. I felt sorry for everyone involved (except "think-outside-the-box man - he was a berk!)
Thursday 22 January 2009 2.30pm
I loved the sky ceiling though in the new restaurant,wish i could adapt it to home..

the aroma of a chippie in a squirty

but I liked Heston, though amazed at his food science...
Thursday 22 January 2009 2.32pm
The product design students at LSBU do a unit called 'blue sky' but none of them can tell you what it is.
Thursday 22 January 2009 3.58pm
This is not a joke. Where I work, one of the IT guys was working on a lawyer's pc and saw on his desk some cards similar to bingo cards. Instead of numbers, in each box there were various phrases like Think Outside the Box, Win Win Situation, Gap Analysis etc and asked him what was the game about. He was told it was called W**k Word Bingo - when they have meetings, face to face, video conferencing or telephone they mark off the phrases that are used. Apparently this is THE game for the City professionals. Blimey, do you laugh or cry?
Thursday 22 January 2009 5.24pm
That's incredible Eileen, and to think we have one of the most beautiful descriptive languages in the world ( and that's from someone who often get's it wrong!)

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