Window Watching in a City of Strangers

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Thursday 12 November 2009 11.55am
I was poaching a couple of eggs for breakfast this morning and idly watching people pass along the street. People on their mobiles talking so loud that they could be clearly heard from across the street and from the 4th floor. Then a woman came along and stepped into a doorway where she took an inhaler from her bag, took a couple of puffs, caught her breath and walked on. I have no idea where she came from or where she was going. Amazing in a city of millions how we go about our business in a world of our own.
Then browsing the nytimes I find this article on the front page. Maybe I only noticed it because of the inhaling woman?
Window Watchers in a City of Strangers NY Times article
For many city dwellers, a window can offer a comforting glimpse into the lives of strangers.
Moreover, in an age of reality TV, watching the neighbors can seem just like watching television.
In some cases, it's almost exactly the same thing.

Am I being observed from the lofty heights of Empire Square or other tower blocks as I sprawl in my living room.
Is city life becoming like an Edward Hopper painting
Thursday 12 November 2009 5.59pm
I think it depends on how much effort you put in.

For example, I'd watch you a lot more often if you did something interesting every now and again. Or at least gave me a wave or something. The bloke who lives above you does a lot more funny stuff than you, he waves and puts up signs, and his costumes are way better than yours. What do you expect? I pay all that money for the high-powered binoc's; I want to get something that's worth my while.

It's a voyeur's market, you know.

...if you press it, they will come.
Thursday 12 November 2009 10.17pm
My wife's a people watcher. See told me over breakast this morning that the milkman had had sex with every woman in our street except one. I said 'Oh, really?' She said, 'Yes. I bet it's that stuck-up bitch at number 32!'
Friday 13 November 2009 8.10am
l.m.a.o...:-) it amazes me how many people sit on the little wall outside my living room and discuss their sex lives, who they are gonna 'get' next time, how they bunked off work/school..what teachers are stupid bitches and when I go outside pointedly to put my rubbish in my bin are very polite and say 'you don't mind us sitting here do you?' do they think I'm deaf!

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