The older generation.

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Thursday 21 January 2010 5.25pm
I was in my local big Sainsbury's today and, for a change, it was unusually quiet. As I rounded a corner a well dressed woman at the far end of the aisle, who I would guess to be in her late sixties, took a packet of cooked ham slices off the shelf and as she did so four or five other packets fell to the floor. She didn't look in any way disabled or have rerstricted movement, but rather than pick them up she just stared at them for a moment. I stopped where I was and watched her as she calmly attempted to push the packets with her foot in an attempt to slide them underneath the unit. I couldn't believe my eyes. I certainly wasn't going to challenge her, that was a no-winner, but I just couldn't forget it. So I did a round trip and when I got back she had gone, but the packets of ham were still lying on the floor. It was then I saw that there was no gap under the unit, but even that hadn't pricked her conscience. Still rather than pick the packets up, she had just walked away.
I don't know. This older generation. What would you do with them?
Bring back national service! Bring back the birch! That'll teach 'em!
Friday 22 January 2010 1.09pm
lazy moo..I am not all that flexible, in fact if I fall down I have to get up like a giraffe, bottom in the air hands and head last..but I would have managed it, because if she had enough flexibility to swing her leg and push it under the counter....
Friday 29 January 2010 2.53pm
maybe she was very posh, and has a man for that kind of thing. He was obviously in another aisle getting some a tin of tomatoes, and she just didn't know what to do.
Friday 29 January 2010 5.35pm
is there a big Sainsburys in SE1?
Friday 29 January 2010 6.27pm
Hi Juanita,
I've no idea. I'm an ex-pat, now living in Essex.
Sunday 31 January 2010 12.44pm
I remember the film well, Beetroot. It seems like yesterday, but I'd guess it was around 1975/76. In this case though I think the punishment would be a tad harsh.

"My object all sublime,
I shall achieve in time,
to make the punishment fit the crime,
the punishment fit the crime."

I've thought about that little episode in Sainsbury's a few times since and perhaps shaming her in to picking the ham up may have been the right thing to do. She didn't know I was watching her, so she was either bone idle or a trifle eccentric. Maybe both. One has to be so careful though in this day and age. There's always the chance that there was a mental health problem, with her trying to push the packets under a non existant gap. It could have got very dificult if she'd thrown a hissy, with no witnesses on my behalf.
As much as I like my local Sainsbury's there's never anyone around staff-wise when you need them. There's always customer services, if you don't mind being number 45 in the queue! Unlike the Waitrose just out of town, where they have helpful members of staff down almost every aisle. That's what you pay for I supose because they are a bit too pricey for me.
Monday 1 February 2010 12.58pm
juanita wrote:
is there a big Sainsburys in SE1?

NewCross - technically outside SE1, but the nearest one I can think of

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