Elective caesarians'

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Friday 30 April 2010 6.58am
Is there anyone reading this who has either had a baby recently or involved in Midwifery?

One of my daughters has finally been able to conceive for the first time at the ripe old age of 34 due to medical problems. She has had surgery in the past on her cervix and being thrown from a horse had a hairline fracture of the pelvis, also had gastric bypass. At a recent scan discovered our little one had a cleft lip and possibly palette.

She has told staff of her concerns about the stress on the baby's face and that her husband works away frequently therefore if she went into labour she would be on her own at a time when she needs all the emotional help she can get.

Her worries seem to be poo pooed and to get to see an obstetician very difficult and when she finally saw one they were not very understanding. This pregnancy may be her last one..:-(

Cutting all this rambling on, can women choose whether to have a ceasarian or not? sorry cant spell today!
Friday 30 April 2010 3.56pm
Jan, I'm pretty sure that the answer is no (on the NHS, although I think you can have one if you pay for it and go private). I'm fairly positive that someone told me that at one of our antenatal sessions, although it wasn't really a topic that there was any great discussion about.

But rather than listen to me, I'd suggest calling the antenatal clinic at Guys (assuming that's her local hospital for baby stuff)


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Friday 30 April 2010 5.42pm
Three of my four daughters were born by Caesarian section because the second of them was breech and it was a necessary procedure. Once you've had a 'C' section you cannot then have any further natural births for obvious reasons so the other two were also 'C's. I of course was a by-stander while all of this was going on, but I believe that fathers can now be present during 'C' births.
Sorry, I've digressed. In your daughter's case, Jan, the words 'duty of care' spring to mind and the hospital staff's first consideration is, or should be, the welfare of both mother and baby. We can only trust that they will always decide what is indeed best, but if your daughter is experiencing anxiety over the birth, then this is not good for her or the baby and she should insist upon having 100 per cent reassurance that whatever method is employed is the right one for both of them. Just keep banging on until you get the answers you need.
Friday 7 May 2010 12.10pm
I know this is off the original question but, Chalky - you can have a normal vaginal delivery after a caesarian, I had an emergency caesarian for my first birth and two normal home deliveries afterwards.

Jan I think Chalky is right though, if the first person is unsympathetic and unhelpful, try to see if you can talk to someone different next time, you do see a lot of different people and hopefully one of them will be sympathetic and point you in the right direction. I had exactly the same problem in reverse as they were very reluctant to let me have a home delivery but I did find someone prepared to listen in the end. It is difficult, when you are feeling vunerable(sp), to assert yourself, maybe if someone can go with her and be bossy!

I hope it all works out.
Friday 7 May 2010 5.07pm
I feel a very big boss bit coming on! I had 2 normal deliveries and 2 ceasareans and for the 2nd hospital insisted on surgical intervention in case scar ruptured, plus at that time having seen the speed of a massive anti partum heamorraghe decided wisdom was the better part of valour and let them do it!
thank you Cateness,
Jan x
Friday 7 May 2010 8.50pm
Ladies, I've been ticked off by the Mrs. I should have explained better. In her case, (for reasons I won't bore you with,) they were 'Classical' Caesarians, with the incisions vertical, not horizontal. That made the difference as to why she could thereafter not have natural births after the first Caesarian.
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