More waste of public money.

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Friday 11 June 2010 12.17pm
First of all, well done Charlie Skinner. A family man who, single handedly, apprehended a drug dealer who had set up business in the house next door to him. The dealer has been sentenced to six years but, it turns out, he's an ilegal imigrant who has been on police bail since November last year, having been found in posession of another stash of drugs. So he's been plying his trade and ruining people's lives for the last seven months, (and who knows how long before that,) when he should have been on the first plane out of here when first arrested, and sent back to whence he came. What fate would have awaited him there? Don't know, don't care. Instead, we, the law abiding tax payers of this country, have first had to pay for his trial and now his food and keep for the next six years. With the economic climate in this country being the way it is, I think someone at the Treasury should sit down and compare the cost of all of that against the price of an air ticket.
Friday 11 June 2010 1.25pm
Your right Charlie, I often watch the customs in new zealand and australia t.v. programmes, brain fog today cant think of the names, none of this crap that I have seen on British programmes of a similar nature where they are told to report back for their return flights...:-( which of course they don't!

Too many cases of our legal system being used on legal aid to assist illegal immigrants to stay here, we are the joke of the world.

( can tell I am a sour mood today!)
Friday 11 June 2010 7.04pm
It breaks my heart to say it, Jan, but this country has become a joke where things like that are concerned. The other problem with ilegal imigrants is that they are taking the bread and butter out of the mouths of the legal ones who have come over here to, (relatively speaking,) better their lives, who pay income tax and do indeed make a genuine contribution to these islands.
Friday 11 June 2010 8.40pm
Watched a wonderful programme on the Community Channel concerning Forced Marriages Chalkey, The Consulate in Pakistan rescued these two lovely girls from their forced marriages. The Asian presenter said there was so much pressure on the girls and their families to conform to pressure on them because obviously it would enable the men to have British passports. The money would be sent back to Pakistan to enable the families to have gorgeous houses built!

She also interviewed a middle aged Pakistani lady from Bradford, she asked how many children she had, the lady replied '5 daughters' and they all had married in Pakistan meaning some other girl was forced into marrying against her will! She was asked what was wrong in marrying British Asian boys, she said because there are poor people in Pakistan..

One young lady was hidden from the consulate staff and when she finally arrived home she was pregnant, so in effect tied to a man she did not love for life, and he had abused and hit her.. so sad..

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