Where to get a dog?

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Tuesday 22 June 2010 8.38pm
Just wondering if anyone can offer advice on the best place/process to get a dog. Preferably a small puppy that will get along with children under 8yrs old. We're not ruling out rescue dogs but think it might be best to start with a very young dog that would fit in from the word go.
Tuesday 22 June 2010 9.53pm
DON'T get a Beagle!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday 22 June 2010 10.24pm
Battersea dogs home seems one obvious solution, but I assume that you know that, but for reasons best known to yourself would rather not go down that road.
Tuesday 22 June 2010 10.26pm
Please tell, we've looked at various sites and they look like the perfect dog for our needs. I have to add I'm not entirely new to owning a dog but our children are, the pitfalls are known but the benefits outweigh them.
Tuesday 22 June 2010 10.32pm
quote Tom Pepper]Battersea dogs home seems one obvious solution, but I assume that you know that, but for reasons best known to yourself would rather not go down that road.[/quote]

Battersea Dogs is a possible option but they don't seem to have many dogs available apart from Staffordshire bulls and I find them quite scary. As much as we'd like a dog, the dog has to like us too.
Wednesday 23 June 2010 9.45am
Back in 1992 I got a two year-old Labrador/Alsation cross from Woodgreen Animal Shelter. I assume the organisation is still going. Each dog there had its own personality file, e.g., is it good with children, is it a good traveller in a car, can it be left on its own if the owner is at work etc. I had three young daughters at the time, aged 5, 7 and 9 and two years later my fourth daughter was born and 'Bo' was brilliant with her as well as the others. We had twelve marvelous years with Bo until losing her to cancer at the age of fourteen. She was the perfect dog and we still miss her.
Whatever dog you decide upon, Mon2, I hope you are as lucky as we were.
Wednesday 23 June 2010 11.36am
if you do not want to condisder a rescue dog I would suggest asking at local vets who may be able to give you details of people with recent puppies or reputable breeders if looking for a pedigree dog. Remember if possible to see the puppy with its mother to try and assess temperament (which of course is already done by Battersea and Dogs trust etc).

good luck
Wednesday 23 June 2010 12.30pm
Thanks for the advice, I'll check out both and see how we get on.
Tuesday 20 July 2010 12.50am
I got my dog , a staffie , nearly 11 years ago .
He has been the sweetest and most gentle dog i have ever known .
When i had a baby seven years ago i did wonder if he would be jealous . From the time i brought my son home my wonderful dog laid by the side of his moses basket and has never flinched .
He has put up with the tugs and pinches and sucky nose kisses .
Now he has cataracts and is feeling quite old but you always hear the thump of his tail on the floor when my son comes in , And he still knows how to wangle a biscuit out of the most non doggy people !
Battersea are amazing and they would never place a dog with a family without going through a whole heap of requirements and vetting .
So if you do go to Battersea and see a staffie pup , dont disregard him / her , as they could be the most dearest , amazingly funny , loving , friendly dog you could wish for .

That's my bit said .


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