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Tuesday 7 December 2010 9.36pm
Being the only male member of a family of five I'm usually on a hiding to nothing in most things around the house. The one thing I'm determined to keep my foot firmly down on though, is the heating bills. I have the thermostat set at 20 celcius at the moment, which I think is warm enough, but I'm continually being asked to crank it up a few degrees. When,five or six months hence, the thermometer outside nudges 20 degrees for the first time, the same wife and three daughters will be jumping up and down and begging me to set up the barbecue.
Tonight I offered a compromise. I'll crank up the central heating when they all learn how to turn off a light switch.
It went strangely quiet.
Wednesday 8 December 2010 10.01am
Chalkey, I am staying with my daughter at the moment in Derbyshire and the temp. is between 14/16 below.

My grand-daughter has a shower prances down in her nightshirt, a thin cotton thingy with short sleeves and demands the fan heater be put on! the radiators are on so i suggest putting on warm dressing gown instead rather than increase her mums heating bills, but nanny you should not be that cold where you have to wear warm clothing INSIDE the house! I had to refrain from starting WW3 by commenting that when she goes out she wears the minimum of clothing any way..her concession to this weather when going out is to wear a short padded jacket and skinny jeggings..

Mind you this house is flipping freezing as it backs onto fields and the double glazing has ice inside the windows, but the beauty of the snow looking like fairy dust on the leafless trees makes up for it!
Not being able to go out has its advantages, I am now crocheting 6 foot long scarves, now on number 4, am making a coat for the dog next i think...
mumble mumble when we wos younguns the only central heating we had was the warmth coming through the walls of the living room into our bedroom when we burnt the tarry logs! and i would turn the clock back this very moment Chalkey thinking about it....:-)
Wednesday 8 December 2010 3.52pm
Jan, my old dad was five foot one tall, but I can remember one ocasion when I was a little kid and they were digging up the tram lines at Camberwell Green and my dad walked there with two sacks and came back with them full of tarry logs for the fire. One sack over each shoulder. The Kennington end of Manor Place to Camberwell Green was a long enough walk, but how he did that both ways with two sacks full of tarry logs on the return journey I will never know. I think he must have been the original 'Mighty Atom.'
Friday 10 December 2010 7.54am
Oh love 'im..our parents really knew what hardship was Chalkey..burning old leather shoes on the fire...sweeping out the coal 'ole for dust to squeeze in your hands to make a briquette of sorts!...

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