Call for honouring Mr Chalkey and Ms Jan

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Friday 10 December 2010 8.24pm
Can I just be naughty and ask when Chalkey and Jan the Old One are going to get together and write a book? Or a film? Something?
Shame on me if I don't know it hasn't already been written or filmed but while recently re-reading only a fraction of these two's posts I think they're the mutt's nuts (sorry to be indelicate Mr Chalkey) and need wider exposure...!

Sorry too if that's cheeky but I am sincere: great posts and huge knowledge, which should be celebrated.

Friday 10 December 2010 10.47pm
Thank you Java....:-) the trouble with me is that I tend to waffle on far too long according to my offspring! so I have got into the habit of abbreviating least when I post on here I can waffle to my hearts content!

p.s. I love the mutts nuts bit...perhaps I should apply for the I'm a se1 celebrity...get me outta here thingy! lol
Friday 10 December 2010 11.02pm
Java, for once I'm lost for words.........Almost.
Thank you for your encouragement. This is a great site and I think of everyone on it as a friend, but there are certain people who I feel I've particulalrly clicked with from day one. Jan is one of them. I'm sure it's down to being of a similar age, sharing the same rose-tinted memories and not being afraid to be sentimental about them. They may not be to everyone's taste, but they're harmless.
If our joint reminiscences have really made interesting reading to you and hopefully others, then what I would say to anyone who's lucky enough to have parents, or even grandparents who are still alive is; ask, ask, ask! Because when they're gone, you can't bring 'em back.
Since I lost my parents I've thought of a thousand and one questions about my childhood I wish I'd asked when I had the chance. Where history is concerned, the best audio books are the living and breathing variety.
As for Jan and I pooling our reminiscences and converting them in to a book, well, we're not the only ones with good memories, we're just lucky in having this great site as a conduit. But we could have some fun thinking of a title. 'Too old to rock 'n roll, too young to die,' would be a goody, but I think that one has already been thought of. As has, 'All our yesterdays.' Any other ideas? (Please, be gentle.)
Friday 10 December 2010 11.16pm
Jan, noting the time, I started writing my post before yours but, due to constant interuptions, I didn't round to pressing the 'post message' button 'til after.
All I can say is, please keep on waffling. I'll waffle wiv ya!
Saturday 11 December 2010 9.05am
Chalkey you are so right when you say our living history books should be dear old Mum died last year, not far short of her 91st.birthday and she never sat and told any tales to us, but you gleaned so much of her earlier life when listening to her and her three sisters arguing about who never made the fire up,who did not iron her clothes properly, who did not go to the coal shop for a quarter..her younger sisters are still alive and remarkably with it, more than me lately..have made my self a promise to visit them all in the new year with a tape recorder!

A book title Chalkey..humm lets have fink on that one..Our to-day is their history!
Friday 24 December 2010 5.08am
The book will be the first choice of the Book Club, rest assured!

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