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Wednesday 26 January 2011 4.24pm
I thought I had a great idea for flat-pack coffins that you could keep in the garage or under the bed until required, but on googling it appears they're already widely available.
If you only want the most basic disposal with no service or trimmings the best I could find online was £999, although that's just a 'starter' price at
There must be a gap in the market for people who don't mind being disposed of in a job lot, assuming nothing can be used for medical purposes, in which case you'd expect any leftovers to be incinerated by the medical facility.
The co-op funercare starts at around £3,000 which I think is a complete waste of money.
Idea: for people who don't want to burn or bury money
Wednesday 26 January 2011 5.32pm
I'd like to think I'd be some use after I'm gone, so my missiz has instructions to donate my ashes to the cannibals as 'Ready-Brek.'
Thursday 27 January 2011 7.30am
You should watch the film Soylent Green chalkey if you want to be of use after death. Edward G. Robinson and Charlton Heston living in an overpopulated world where everyone ate soylent green made from those who chose voluntary euthanasia.
You'd get less than a box of Ready-Brek from your ashes making it so expensive only Bill Gates could afford that luxury breakfast at £3,000 a box.
Thursday 27 January 2011 10.53am
I have told my family of my intention to offer my old bod for medical research after my demise of course and they were horrified! The cost of the most basic funeral is frightening. My reasons are:

1) it would save money

2) it helps train future doctors

The objections of my family are that several months down the line they would be invited to deal with final bits and bobs not needed! and bringing to mind the pain of loss of their mother.

When you lose someone the pain never goes away, I still mourn the loss of a 2 day old baby Dec.1974 who I never had chance to see, while I was very ill in hospital my partner arranged the funeral thinking he would save me the grief...:-(

On a lighter note I think the film Waterworld had the right idea...all go into a slurry thatenabled others to live, come to think of it that film was advanced or had prescience(?) of the floods all over the world!
Saturday 29 January 2011 2.56pm
Isn't that what the brown bins are for?
Saturday 29 January 2011 3.01pm
Sunday 30 January 2011 8.43am think there would be a bin big enough for me though!
that could backfire on the council, the meat idea, people would then toss the waste into plastic sacks before they throw it away defeating the purpose.

Just imagine the maggots and flies waiting for brown bin day, wrapping everything in newspaper would help though. It's also about time the government got tough on supermarkets / veg. growers wrapping everything up in plastic, including food that has it's own wrapping, bananas,oranges,cucumber etc.

p.s. regarding maggots, that is the only living thing that i feel the urge to stamp on..I have a real phobia!
Sunday 30 January 2011 1.00pm
Oh Jan. And I was going to invite you for a day's fishing, so you could bait my hook for me. My eyes aren't what they used to be.
Monday 31 January 2011 4.30pm
Found this at

How much does a cardboard coffin cost?

The cost of the Coffin including the ‘cremfilm’ lining and engraved name plate is £110.00 plus VAT.

This price includes up to 25 miles from the centre of Leeds or Bradford.

For packaging and postage the total cost will be an additional £50.0 plus VAT.

OK - I admit it, I'm wandering round the internet when I ought to be getting on with my work :)
Tuesday 1 February 2011 3.32pm
I told my children years ago that I wanted them to donate my body to the hospital, but it seems these days they arent so interested...there is so much simulation and CGIs that real old flesh and bones is of less interest...anyone got any more info?
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