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Saturday 26 March 2011 8.11am
What a lovely time of the year spring is. To me, today is the real beginning of spring with the occasion of the annual varsity boat race. When that takes place, then I really do accept that spring has arrived. I probably won't watch it, coz it clashes with the horse racing on the other channel, but I'll see it later on the news. It always reminds me of when I was a kid back in the 1950's and what a big occasion the boat race was back then. You were firmly either Oxford or Cambridge and many people would sport thier favourites colours. Rosettes could be bought from local shops. I think I remember there was a bloke who sold them on the corner of East Lane market on boat race day. Some people would display the name of their 'team' in their front windows. I remember watching my first boat race on my uncle's grainy old black and white telly. The screen was about six inches wide, but the casing was like a cocktail cabinet! The amzing thing back then was that nobody had any real association with either Oxford or Cambridge. I doubt if anyone in my area had ever been to either city and probably wouldn't even have known where to find them on a map. That mattered not a jot. It was just a good opportunity for people to enjoy themselves after the misery of the war and the austerity that followed.
Sunday 27 March 2011 11.13am
Could not stop laughing Chalkey when I read about us London kids supporting either Oxford or Cambridge...were the rosettes dark and light blue?

Seeing as the majority of us had never been to Oxford or Cambridge! but I remember the only person in our square having a television letting us all in to watch the 'Boat Race' he must have been posh 'cos 'is one was a massive Nine inches! and like you Chalkey did not have a clue where it was, and as far as I would have been concerned the only bit of river I knew was the bit near Tower Bridge, London Bridge and Bankside!

Lovely innocent days Chalkey, when we knew somethings that the youngsters today sometimes dont...they know the price of everything and the value of nothing...
Sunday 27 March 2011 11.41pm
Jan the old one wrote:
he must have been posh 'cos 'is one was a massive Nine inches!

Just savouring a sensible vodka and tonic before bed and up pops the day's best unintentional double entendre! Cheers Jan!
Monday 28 March 2011 9.15am
I think it's a quad entendre...

Jan the old one wrote:
'is one was a massive Nine inches! and like you Chalkey did not have a clue where it was
Monday 28 March 2011 10.12am
Oh children, children...naughty naughty! Actually here in Tel Aviv I watched the boat race, since my daughter was at Cambridge. Alas, a SERIOUS defeat!
Monday 28 March 2011 10.37am
Will there ever be a better sporting faux pas than this one from some years back.....

"What a nice gesture. Oxford's Lady President is kissing the cox of the winning Cambridge crew."
Monday 28 March 2011 4.25pm
memo to self...must read before i post!and try to octo entendre! lol
Tuesday 29 March 2011 9.02am
One that cracked me up at the time was on a US blooper show.
Apparently the weather guy on a local news channel had forecast heavy snow on his previous appearance the evening before.
Sod's law, it did not materialise.
The attractive female co-anchor introduced him by saying, "Hey Gary, (or whatever), what happened to that eight inches you promised me last night?"

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