Osama Bin Laden

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Monday 2 May 2011 11.45pm
On hearing the news that Arsenal had defeated Manchester United, it may have been a tad unwise of Osama to rush into the street and yell, "Come on you Gunners!"
Monday 2 May 2011 11.52pm
I thought that it was a little unusual that it allegedly happened on a Sunday or on a Bank Holiday, Bins are not normally TAKEN OUT on those days.
Tuesday 3 May 2011 7.35am
Apparently, Elton John is livid that the funeral has already taken place. He'd written a new song especially for the occasion....'Sandles in the bin.'
Tuesday 3 May 2011 11.34pm
Out of all the humorous texts that I received on this subject today, this one hit the spot:

Apparently the original American plan was to fly Bin Laden's body back to the U.S. to prove to a sceptical world what they had done.
However this plan fell by the wayside when they couldn't get an airline to take the body as Bin Laden's name was on the no-fly list.
Wednesday 4 May 2011 11.10am
I love all this hoo-ha about the Americans needing to satisfy the conspiracy theorists by producing photographic eveidence that Bin Laden is actually dead. As if, for one moment, it would actually shut them up. If and when the Yanks do provide the evidence, (and I believe they eventually will,) it will be only a matter of minutes before someone shouts,
"Ah, but how do we know it's really him? It could be a lookie-likie. Thats why the Americans have taken so long to produce the evidence. They needed time to find his spitting image and then mock up the photo; blood, guts, brains and all."

If some people out there still insist that the first Moon landing was filmed in an Earthbound studio, then they will never be convinced by a still photograph.

David Cameron summed it up beautifully yesterday when he said, "Some people refuse to accept that Elvis is dead and that he will one day be discovered riding Shergar."
Spot-on, Mr.PM.
Thursday 5 May 2011 10.52am
I'm not sure that he died a few days ago - he could have died in Tora Bora in 2001.
That's why there won't be any photo evidence to prove that he died recently, plus the conspiracists will say that the image was photoshopped, and they don't want to provide any chance of propoganda material.

However, I'm certain that he is definitely dead - Pres Obama has said that you won't see him walking around ever again, and that's convincing enough for me.

If Al Quaeda announce a new leader, then that'll be fairly obvious too.

First moon landing - not sure, wasn't around to see it myself, there are convincing arguments that suggest that they didn't in my opinion.
Thursday 5 May 2011 11.01am
JonR wrote:
I'm not sure that he died a few days ago - he could have died in Tora Bora in 2001.

Wont that have made his video appearances since then fairly miraculous?
Thursday 5 May 2011 12.36pm
I think OBL was a secondary target - what they were after were the 10 laptops, 10 mobile phones and reams of paper they recovered. Some CIA Intelligence Officer must have thought all his birthdays had come at once.

Expect to see part 2 of the Obama show fairly soon.
Thursday 5 May 2011 3.08pm
I hope they don't lend any of it to one of our civil servants, to leave on the back seat of a taxi.
Thursday 5 May 2011 6.56pm
chalkey wrote:
I hope they don't lend any of it to one of our civil servants, to leave on the back seat of a taxi.

Unless it's mine.......ka-ching!....ka-ching!
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