Bus Driver Olympic Demands

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Wednesday 16 May 2012 5.58pm
I don't want to turn this into a Daily Mail rant, but I have just seen a group of bus divers on the news demanding extra money during the olympics. The logic being that they will be "busier". I am aware that the tube drivers have already secured a bonus for the same period. Obviously the tube drivers and bus drivers get paid if they work overtime but what is the extra payment for? Does it make a difference to a tube/bus driver if a tube/bus is empty or packed to the gunnells? If there are any bus or tube drivers out there who can provide a logical reason for these demands, I would be most interested.
Thursday 17 May 2012 2.40pm
There may be no logical reason for extra money, but as the precedent has been set by giving tube drivers a bonus then the bus drivers can reasonably expect to be treated the same. I'm sure driving a bus is far more stressful with traffic and passengers to contend with than driving a train. The technology exists to automate the tube and dispense with drivers, but automating a bus is a long way off.
Having said that if you were offered a bonus in any job you would hardly turn it down regardless of merit.
Thursday 17 May 2012 6.51pm
If I was being cynical I might think the "bonus" was a bribe with the message "please don't go on strike during the Olympics with the world watching".
Friday 18 May 2012 2.14pm
Heard on Radio 4 yesterday that in Stockholm, public transport fare dodgers can take out insurance against any fines and court costs. Costs about 9 for 6 months cover. Thought the Swedes were a law abiding lot, but googling 'Sweden fare dodging insurance' throws up several firms offering this service. Bonkers!
Monday 21 May 2012 9.50pm
Do all London bus drivers know where Olympic is? I couldn't help asking this question when I saw this post.

I was on a bus from London Bridge. Many tourists asked the bus driver the same question as I did - if the bus goes to Columbia Flower Market or Columbia Road. The bus driver said he never heard of the place before. He sent away nine tourists altogether.

I have been to Columbia Flower Market but just can't remember which bus took me there. I had a feeling it was the right bus, went ahead and got off at the right stop myself.

The week before I jumped on a bus quickly just before Baker Street and asked if the bus was going to Marylebone High Street. The bus driver said yes but when I realised he was driving further away, I asked him again and he said yes. I finally got out just before Oxford Circus. Asked why he said yes to me twice that the bus was going to Marylebone High Street, he said 'yes' again.

A friend from Kent rang to asked if I knew where Royal Marsden Hospital is along Fulham Road. She said the bus driver didn't know and she ended up getting off on the other end of Fulham Road.

I haven't taken buses a lot for the last few years. I wonder if these recent experiences are simply just bad luck or common knowledge.
Friday 6 July 2012 9.19am
I can see that a bus driver 'might' be busier, taking fares from passengers without oysters etc. But then that is probably cancelled out by the fact they'll be moving slower and just sitting around in their cabs in a queue of traffic.

Tube drivers have little to no contact with their passengers though, so not sure how that one works? Telling people to 'move down the carriage' and 'use up all available space' more perhaps?

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