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Thursday 12 July 2012 11.11am
Had yet another scam text this morning, as follows:

"We now have all the information regarding your PPI claim. Text 'Confirm' and we will tell you how much you are entitled to."

I don't have an impending PPI claim.
The text came from number: 07881475032.

I (eventually,) got through to my mobile phone provider, who was next to useless. The only advice he offered was that I change my number. Brilliant.

My daughter had a text yesterday saying her number had been changed. Of course it wasn't from her provider and her number hasn't been changed.

I 'Googled' the above number and there is a thread a mile long with complaints about this number and people seeking advice on how to stop these nuisance scams. There doesn't appear to be any government legislation set up for this and so they will continue to get away with it.
And, although I'm registered with the TPS, I still receive cold calls on my land line. I know the TPS has no jurisdictional over calls from abroad, which is where most of them emanate from, but one the other day was from a firm of commodity brokers, obviously based in England judging by the accent and the clarity of the line, inviting me to invest. I mentioned the TPS and he hadn't even heard of it.

Any advice welcome.
Monday 23 July 2012 5.48pm
screen your calls by pretending to be your answering machine when you answer. If it's someone you know, or are expecting to call, you can talk to them, if it isn't they'll think that they've got an answer machine, and hang up.
Monday 23 July 2012 6.50pm
Hi chalkey

Don't bother contacting your provider. They are (a) not interested (b) won't help you.

However, do a Google for "blacklist whitelist software <mobile>" - replace <mobile> for your phone. The software will allow you to add dodgy numbers to your blacklist - and your phone will never ring from that number again. Add all your chums to the whitelist. Good software works with both calls and SMS messages.
Wednesday 8 August 2012 10.23am
what are they winning ?
Monday 13 August 2012 4.38pm
there is a site called "who calls me"-if you have a call form a number you don't know you can type it in and it tells you who they are-won't help with texts though!!
Friday 17 August 2012 11.09am
Funny how these things seem to go in little spates. I don't get a nuisance call on the land line for weeks, then I get two or three a day for a whole week. Had one this morning. Lady with a foreign accent calling from a 'claims company.' I tried to explain to her that I didn't have any pending or potential claims, outstanding debts which I couldn't pay, etc. etc., and no interest in what she had to offer. All the while she just carried on talking over the top of me.
Call me old fashioned, but had it been a bloke on the other end of the phone I would have shouted two little words, the second of which would have been, 'Off!' As it was, I just hung up.

Congratulations to all your friends and relatives of who've passed their 'A' levels and are about to go on to university. Please be aware of the following....

I've had two scam e-mails this week purporting to be from the 'Student Loans Company,' stating that in order to ensure funds are credited in good time I should re-submit all my information.

Please pass this on to whom it may concern, it is a scam to gain access to personal info such as bank details ect.

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