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Monday 27 May 2002 10.17am
None of you came! You missed a fab night....
Monday 27 May 2002 5.59pm
Sorry, Jo Jo but you didn't invite me. I think the rest of hte forum have disappeared off the edge of the ether, as there haven't been any posts at all on this forum for days and days and days and days, and nice James built this forum specially and it's become unpopular within moments. The other forum's got really really staid as well.

Natalie seems to have resurfaced, though.
Tuesday 28 May 2002 8.49am
I know. How dull. I might create some pseudonyms and chatter to myself.
Tuesday 28 May 2002 2.38pm

It seems like you have a problem with Natalie, or do you work at a restaurant.
Tuesday 28 May 2002 5.32pm
I have never met her, and have never worked in a restaurant, but she just seems like a nasty piece of work.... After all, in this virtual world there's not a lot of opportunity for gathering impressions of people apart from by reading what they write.

Natalie went to a smart restaurant, complained the beer was too expensive, was rewarded with a refund (goodness only knows how or why), and then had the audacity to complain. A bit like finding an armed robbery of an estate agent funny, it ignores the rights of the rest of the world to get on with trying to make a profit. I've never met a rich estate agent - and face, it, without giving them their 2%, you'd never be able to realise the remaining 98% of the value of your property.

Now, Gordon Brown will take 3 or 4% of the value when you buy a property... and he won't give you any service in exchange for this fee.

Sorry, Jo Jo, not the idle party banter you were hoping for!
Tuesday 28 May 2002 6.47pm
I'm minded to delete the post above, but I'm not sure.

Please could we cut out the personal stuff. As I've said elsewhere, I think the subject of Natalie and Champor-Champor should now be allowed to rest


Website Editor
Wednesday 29 May 2002 7.46am
Sorry, that wasn't personal, that was an observation about those who object to other people's working hard to achieve a successful business.

Symptomatic of a large section of modern British society is the intense jealousy of the poorer sections of society of the richer sections of society. In our modern meritocratic society, anybody can get on their bikes and do something.

The proprietor of Champor Champor has bravely set up a very high quality restaurant in a not very fashionable place. Yes, it costs a fair bit there, but it's scarcely expensive in West End terms and the quality is extremely high. But, because it costs more there for a pint of beer than it does in the local spit-and-sawdust, it is naturally assumed that the proprietor is ripping everybody off and making a massive profit. Therefore, it's appropriate to rip him off, and then complain about the way he's treated you. Likewise, the poor Acorn estate agent who charges a mere 2% for dealing with all the hassle of selling your house is assumed to be making a massive profit. Therefore it's alright for the staff in the shop to be held up at gunpoint and to have their handbags stolen

Now, if the people who've made these observations (I shalln't mention names, for fear of putting up Mr Hatts' blood pressure) really think these people are making untold riches, the wonders of a free market economy allow them to go out, rent a shop and set up in business, and charge the same exorbitant (sic) rates as Acorn and Champor Champor. Then you can see how easy it is to make a load of money - or not.

The politics of envy is invidious and unjust: much better for the ones at the bottom to drag themselves up, rather than trying to drag down the ones at the top of the economic pile.
Wednesday 29 May 2002 9.03am
Gosh, are you always like this at 8.46 in the morning? You must be a great debater after a few pints. Refreshing to read something stimulating here.
Wednesday 29 May 2002 10.19am
Dear Trouble,
your comments about Natalie are a bit harsh, when you enter this forum and 'chat' the rules are the same I think as in direct face to face conversation, we all 'waffle on a bit' sometimes, myself being the biggest offender...

Earning an honest living by starting a business yourself takes guts, determination, unbelievable hard work, an 19 hour day, plus a lot of luck and a good market...I wish any one brave enough to take the leap good luck and fortune..
And your right, it's not amoral to make a profit.

Mil's right....for 8.46 in the morning, your on the ball!

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