FischerSpooner at Bridge SE1

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Monday 27 May 2002 10.09pm
I notice that FischerSpooner are playing at the Bridge SE1 -this Thursday and Friday - its their first UK performance. Its sold out, but I was thinking about heading over there - I was just wondering if:

a) Anyone's seen the act in the US or Europe, and opinions.....
b) If anyone's been to Bridge SE1 - I think I know where it is, but it just looks like a dingey station arch unit - is it any better inside? Reason I ask is that clearly the performance is meant to be the main reason to go to one of their gigs, and if you can't see squat, that rules me out of touting for a ticket....
Tuesday 28 May 2002 12.01pm
Personally I think they are hugely overated and cannot belive that minsitry have plouged 2m dollars in to what is effectively really unoriginal electro (has everyone forgotten Kraftwerk).
I hear that their show is pretty special though for all its camp theatre, however ive not heard of the Bridge. do you mean Cynthias?
Tuesday 28 May 2002 10.12pm
No - I think its on Weston Street - looks like a right dive (not that Cynthia's isn't mind). This place looks worse than Cynthia's and I'm pretty sure they don't have a robot.

Point taken re: music - K&D meets Kraftwerk meets KLF - but yes, the performance was what I was keen to see. I quite like that Casio sound anyway - takes me back.
Tuesday 28 May 2002 11.17pm
The words are English but I don't understand a word of it!
Wednesday 29 May 2002 8.26am
I'll be interested to hear all about it (and the venue) if you manage to get a ticket Ralph.
Does anyone know whereabouts on Weston Street The Bridge is?
Wednesday 29 May 2002 2.05pm
Isn't it the bit of Weston st that is actually under the station? Some friends of mine went to a rave there and said it was absolutely boiling, but then it was "return to the rainbow trance dance xtranvaganza' or some such thing so everyone was probably pilled off their sweaty pants anyway.
Wednesday 29 May 2002 5.15pm
I went to a couple of dodgy raves there myself, but it was called The Dome then and got shut down last year because somebody died from overheating. In fact there was a post about this AGES ago, here on this site.
I don't think it can be teh same venue as I doubt the council could open it up. If somehow this is the case, it is gigantic but very dirty and basic and not much more than a dilapidated carpark.
Thursday 30 May 2002 9.48am
It is the same venue as I know the owner quite well
Thursday 30 May 2002 11.21am
What the carpark under London Bridge? How comes they have the license to re-open? Is this permanent or just for Fishcherspooner?
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