why aren\'t you supporting jade?

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Monday 22 July 2002 8.58pm
speaking as an ordinary josephine soap in far away darkest ireland, i cannot understand why south london is not pulling all the stops out for jadee on big brother.

o.k. so she's no 'mr heinstein' or whatever, but she is a decent sort, and from what i can see, she seems genuinely enthusiastic about learning stuff - "are the palestinians indians then?

you should be proud of her - she is making lots of people interested in bermondsey. think of the revenue from tourists!

give the girl a break - she's a star - you should be proud of her.
Tuesday 23 July 2002 11.15pm
i can't take any more of Alex, Jonny & Kate bullying Jadee.
the face of kate, with that insincere smile... though she'll probably win................

it's pathetic really, they are all trying to humiliate Jade, to further their cause....

does nobody care?
Wednesday 24 July 2002 3.13pm
Wednesday 24 July 2002 7.16pm
if the answer to the question "does nobody care?" is NO, then that means that somebody does care......

that's good...................
Thursday 25 July 2002 11.06am
I think you have much in common with Jade maybe..an ability to irritate - mayb you're a big fat slapper too?
Thursday 25 July 2002 10.08pm
Dermot O'leary
Friday 26 July 2002 5.09pm
Chipstick? Chipstick? All that lump thinks about is food!

The women of bermondsey have as much class as 2nd class BR train's toilet on its way home from Millwall, Cardiff!

"you should be proud of her" Proud, because Jade has more class then the rest of them? I see where you are coming from now!
Saturday 27 July 2002 4.48pm
"From the moment she arrived in the house, Jade, the 21-year-old dental nurse from Bermondsey, has been the subject of an unprecented bullying campaign.....

Jade has been the subject of misogyny...

She has also endured racism;;"

- Alex O'Connell, The Times, Saturday July 27 2002

Why not read the entire article? Although I doubt that you lot would be capable of any empathy or understanding..

I'm glad to bow out of your snobbish, jeering, small little lives....

I wish Jade every success in the future. She deserves it.
Monday 29 July 2002 1.13pm
I read the article and thought it was a load of crap. It completely ignores the fact that she's been one of the biggest perpetrators of the bullying in the house. And as for being subjected to racism, I think that's taking things a bit far: I'm pretty sure the majority of people in the country don't actually know she's a quarter West Indian - she hardly looks it, does she, with her white skin and straight blonde hair? So to say that people are comparing her to a pig ecause she's a quarter West Indian is probably stretching the truth somewhat.

Thank God it's over.

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