the aphex twin (Richard James)

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Monday 2 September 2002 5.09pm
does anyone know where he lives - i feel sure i saw him walking around the back of guys hospital a few weeks back? I remember seeing something in this forum about him being a SE1 resident, although I may have imagined that.

On a related topic - just watched the chris cunningham directed video for "Windowlicker" again - absolutely inspired - wish i could get hold of all of his work. is it true that Cunningham has retired - its v. hard to get any info on him. He's only, like, 28 isn't he?
Tuesday 3 September 2002 4.36pm
Isn't he based just off Tower Bridge Road - Leroy Street or Green Lane or something, I think. Not sure if he lives there or if that's where the studio is though.
Tuesday 3 September 2002 10.01pm
didn't the Aphex Twins buy that metal box thing in the middle of Elephant roundabout?

Show a man how to make fire and he will be warm for hours, set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
Wednesday 4 September 2002 1.24pm
I know I'm dumb...but...who the hecks the aphex twin?
Friday 6 September 2002 6.44pm

"A:1 "What is Aphex Twin?"

Aphex Twin is the ongoing project of Richard D. James, a brilliant modern
composer of electronic music, sound, and noise. He has been hailed from both sides of the Atlantic as "the one-man Kraftwerk" and "the next Mozart"
showing that his music knows no geographical boundaries. Known for his
faster-than-lightning snare rushes just as much as for his beatless ambient
loops, Richard's music is never the same sound twice.

Some would try to categorise Aphex Twin as "ambient," "electronica,"
"intelligent dance music," "jungle," or even "noise." They would all be
correct, but it is much safer to say that with each new release, the sounds
created by Richard are torn down and rebuilt from the ground up without
giving a second thought to what the press or listening public may think.
There are some similarities among all of his works, but each track can
definitely hold its own."
Monday 9 September 2002 1.49pm
he owns, lives and works in an old bank in elephant. He is pretentious wally who makes some blimmin' good stuff occasionally. don't believe half the stuff he says in interview.You can often find him in Borough market and he's been known to make weired noises at passers by to appear...mysterious.
Monday 9 September 2002 3.36pm
he'll be a match for my friend - an alien who makes strange noises at passersby - he farts as well!
Thursday 12 September 2002 8.59pm
is your mate darren day then?
Tuesday 17 September 2002 5.33pm
...and by suspicious coincidence, according to he has a new re-release out this week...

APHEX TWIN Drukqs -- (UK 4x LP premium 180 gram heavy vinyl repackage - ltd. no'd edition of 1000) ... £35.95

You have to be a true fan to shell out forty smackers for industrial-grade Macintosh musique concrète.

Good luck Richard!

Zoodle the Lemon Jelly fan.

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