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Friday 21 March 2003 7.09pm

well, not true - but why is everyone so obsessed about having yet another Supermarket on their doorsteps ?

...broaden your outlooks !!
Saturday 22 March 2003 10.58pm
way to go rory, you tell the sad bastards
Monday 24 March 2003 8.28am
ehmm... don't understand how my desire to have a shop within walking distance of me makes me a sad bastard... there are ofcourse lots of other reasons, but was never aware of this one.

Monday 24 March 2003 5.18pm

Your ignorance and glibness is very worrying. I suspect you must suffer from psycho or at least sociopathic tendencies at the very least....

The point is not that Sainsbury's is a "shop" but that it is part of a monopoly that unfairly undercuts small local businesses and thus puts them out of business. The monopoly also means that UK farmers are put under enormous pressure to produce homogeneous food which is not that tasty. If you have ever visited Europe then you would have noticed that food is generally sold locally by local producers and is not only cheap but also of much greater quality and variety. If you are interested in educating yourself a bit more about something that does not necessarily directly impact on your safe, cosy life but nonetheless does impact on you indirectly then I suggest you look at
Monday 24 March 2003 5.35pm
Surely it's a simple case of supply and demand? Anyone who thinks the shopping facilities in SE1 to be adequate is deluded. No-one has plugged the gap so the big boys move in. It is a shame that it is the likes of Sainsbury or Tesco but until Borough Market starts to sell bog roll there aren't many viable alternatives. Let's hope the new developments around Bermondsey St/Tower Bridge Road area prompts a local business to cater for that market. I for one will then be happy not to line Sainsbury's pocket.
Tuesday 25 March 2003 9.35am
<Your ignorance and glibness is very worrying. I suspect you must suffer from psycho or at least sociopathic tendencies at the very least....>


is this what you think of anyone that you believe has different views than your own...

I shop where I like... These mainly include Borough Market, Waitrose, Billingsgate Market, and Chinatown. There are times however where convenience overcomes me, and I need something quick and easy. I'm a little put out to think that this kind of behaviour labels me as an unsocial being (which is the nicer of the two offered).

I'm happy to see differing views on this forum, and it never fails to amuse and stimulate me. But this seemed like a personal attack.

oh, I also wrote something in the "Iceland" thread that will probably upset you.

Tuesday 25 March 2003 10.29am
Jai - I am a little disappointed. I thought you were in fact a psychopath. You can't blame Adele for her view though, you see she is a student so doesn't actually have any of her own yet.
Tuesday 25 March 2003 10.37am
Tony - I never said I wasn't !

Tuesday 25 March 2003 11.26am
Despite the game of 'Don't let facts get in the way of a good story' A few facts might be useful here. First though, I'm no apologist for Sainsburys, I don't work there, I don't have shares and the only connection I may have had is I think my granny was once a cleaner in one of the shops. (this is get your retaliation in first!)

Sainsburys is hardly a monopoly, it's number two in the UK and soon to be number 4 if the Safeway thing goes against them. In the context of europe it's about number 10. Interestingly the largest food retailer in Europe is Carrefour of France, twice as big as Sainsburys. Tescos is 4th and another 2 or 3 French outfits are in the top ten.
The comments about buying in Europe are also interesting. Rather than the food being sold by local producers, its actually sold by relatively few retailers. If you look at the top 5 european retailers country market share, nordic peoples spend most of their food money in the top 5 (up to 90%), France spend 81% in the top 5, the Netherlands 78% and the UK 64%. So we're down the scale a bit. All these numbers are from 2001 but they're probably indicative if not competely accurate now. And, for the factless, they are all on the web if you look.

Surely one of the key points about the difference between the UK and some parts of Europe is, first, subsidy, there's still a lot of it about, but more important are producer cooperatives. In lots of Europe producers are part of cooperatives that deal with the retailers more effectively. The UK has been slow in adopting this method of trading with retailers. At least that's what they say on the Archers. (No, No, sorry, only joking)

Is Sainsburys great, no, it's no better than the rest. Is the fact that I can drop in there on the way home around 8:30 or 9:00 in the evening great? Absolutely!
Tuesday 25 March 2003 4.22pm
Dear Tony

You say students don't have any views of their own. Why do you say this? Apart from the ignorance and glibness of this remark (you can join Jai in the psychopath gang for that), you also seem to forget that many students return to studies after they have worked for several years. I am one such student who after working for 10 years decided to start a PhD. I think, therefore, I am entitled to express my views like any other adult. Thats my defence so what have you got to say to justify your view? Intelligence, wisdom and experience all seem to be lacking from your message.....So perhaps you are a student (or wish you had been). It takes one to know one as they say.
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