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Saturday 17 May 2003 7.27pm
Can anyone please help me. I'm searching for the Lewington family. Originally from Elephant & Castle or surrounding area. Mrs P Lewington lived in Marylebone in 1966 & worked at Aquascutum in Regent street in mid 60's. Divorced with 1 daughter, Leanne nee Lewington. 1 son Glenville. Glen moved away in 66 when he was around 16-18 yrs old. Stayed down in Oxford with a scottish family, the Andersen family. They had 2 sons; Stuart & Ian. Glen would be around 52/55 years old now. If anyone has any info. on any Lewingtons living or have lived in the area from 1966, please get in touch. No matter how small or irrelevant you may think it is, it could be my biggest lead yet. With thanks.
Monday 19 May 2003 1.59pm
Lewingtons on the electoral roll in SE1

(Edited by James Hatts:

There are 6 Lewingtons on the electoral roll in SE1 - you can get their details at 192.com)

Cider maker, cidermaker or cider-maker?
Wednesday 21 May 2003 9.57am
Thanks very much for your help. I have found 4 of the 6 names in 192.com.
C Lewington London SE10
L Lewington London SE16
W Lewington London SE14
W Lewington London SE14
Last 2 same address, different phone number.
If you can help me with the other 2 it would be appreciated.
With thanks.
Wednesday 21 May 2003 12.37pm
Hi Wendy

Please don't publish people's full postcodes on the forum - I've now edited your message. Thanks


Editor of the London SE1 website.
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Wednesday 21 May 2003 2.13pm
Hi Wendy,

Have you tried http://www.bt.com? You can get addresses off there as well.

Wednesday 21 May 2003 2.21pm
bt.com will only give you people in the phone book

192.com will also give you the more comprehensive electoral roll details

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Friday 23 May 2003 1.21pm
Pity you didn't click 'send me an email when somebody replies to this thread' otherwise the information would have winged its way to you when I posted it, before it was unaccountably censored. Methinks the editor is rather proud of his role, sorry Wendy.
Friday 23 May 2003 5.45pm
Dear (am I right in assuming Mr?) Mapmaker

I think you are being very unfair to 'the editor', who always does his utmost to be fair - he is like a teacher in charge of a very diverse group of schoolchildren, and has to keep us happy, while maintaining proper order.

Perhaps it was all my fault - sticking my nose in where it was not required - but I was concerned about the implications of 'publishing' details which people might consider confidential.

In my job I have access to sensitive information, and I know if people discovered that their details were being given to others, there would be hell to pay..

I think you should appreciate the fantastic website you have, and be grateful that someone is prepared to keep it up and running...
Tuesday 27 May 2003 3.23pm
Well, perhaps slightly unfair to the editor, sorry James, but I was not revealing information that the rest of the world couldn't find if it wanted to. Perhaps you think that 192.com and bt.com should be taken off the web as they include personal information.
Tuesday 27 May 2003 8.04pm
Not at all!

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