Please, help me to find a person

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Saturday 18 May 2013 8.38pm
Dear Londoners, I need your help,
I’m trying to find a person in London to whom I ought to say “thank you” and “sorry”.
It’s kind of romantic story… In 2006 I lived in London (I’m Russian). In August 2006 I met a guy somewhere near the Wembley central station. He worked at the Wembley stadium construction and was wearing a yellow waistcoat (those the workers wear) when we met. At first he passed by with his friends, but then he came back and said that he couldn’t walk by a girl with so wonderful smile just like that, so he decided to take a chance ))) He even paid for me at the Internet café and we exchanged our numbers. His name was Tony.
Then we met a few times. He even helped me to move to my new accommodation – a house at the Sudburry town. And then spent a day helping me to find a job. And he introduced me to his friend Gerald (I’m not sure about spelling).
He was a really good guy but at that stage of my life I couldn’t have any relationship. First time abroad, alone, away from my beloved family, in a completely different country, trying to find myself… And I was too young to explain properly what’s going on because I didn’t know myself. So I couldn’t explain, he couldn’t understand and we kind of broke up. He was really offended. I didn’t realize how deep I hurt his feelings till I got few horrible messages from him later… So now I was offended too. So we didn’t see each other anymore.
I had to make some difficult decisions back then and didn’t have time to figure this out and actually didn’t want to… In February 2007 I came back to Moscow, Russia. Suddenly he phoned me on a day of my departure (as if he felt something)… He had a girlfriend at that time and I wished him all the best. But it wasn’t a good conversation…
And now… 2013. But I still remember him and some feeling (maybe guilt) just pops up from time to time. So I decided to take a chance ))) And try to find him.
I know it’s almost impossible but there is a theory of six handshakes and may be someone on this site knows somebody who knows someone etc. who eventually knows my Tony )))
This is all information I remember about him:
Tony, British, lived in London in 2006 at his cousin or relative’s flat. Worked at the Wembley stadium construction but he wasn’t just a worker (something like supervisor). I was 25 in 2006. And he was a bit younger – 23 or 24. His surname sounded a bit Italian (I don’t remember exactly). He had a friend Gerald and he liked to play football with his friends.
And I have his old phone number. Unfortunately it seems he doesn’t use it any more. I tried it several times. But somehow it still has a voicemail and I can hear his voice. This is his number: +44 7723 347629.
What else… I’ve got a picture of Gerald if it’s helps… But not of Tony (((
And the last thing – why am I actually looking for him… I’d like to say what a wonderful person he was and even though I might be acted a bit rude or unreasonable or maybe he thought I played with him… well I didn’t, I never meant to offend him. And now I just want to apologies and explain everything if he still has some questions… I feel like I ought to… or I need to…
Sunday 19 May 2013 10.36am
That phone numbner is not a london landline number, unless you have put too many numbers in? if it is a mobile number all you can do is to keep leaving a message, it must be used by someone or else you would get a recorded message saying this voicemail is full?
either is nice of you to remember someone who was kind to you...
Sunday 19 May 2013 1.44pm
That is a mobile number, yes. And unfortunately the voicemail is full (( Nobody uses this number for the last 5 years...
Monday 20 May 2013 8.53am
You could send a text to the number and see if there's a response.... And on the other hand this was all quite a few years ago and much may have changed in that time. Sometimes good memories of people are better remaining as good memories....
Wednesday 12 June 2013 1.52pm
I can't help but let us know how you get on, I love stories like this. I hope you find him again. be prepared for him to be married and settled though, if you've got any hopes of rekindling anything.

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