How do they do it ?

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Thursday 8 January 2004 6.11pm
I bought a roasted chicken in Tesco ( Old Kent Rd ) today
on the way home for 3.29 and some stir fry to go with it.
How on earth can you have an egg layed, hatch it, feed it
until it's plump, chop it's head off, remove the innards,
pluck it, send it to the supermarket, roast it, bag it in
a foil lined bag and sell it for 3.29 ?
Not that I'm complaining, it's delicious.
Thursday 8 January 2004 10.48pm
Er..... possibly partly because you don't feed it for very long - poor thing is force fed in a battery with no room to move. And possibly because they don't pay the people in the chicken factories very much money. Anyway, don't want to put you off - glad it was delicious.
Friday 9 January 2004 11.02am
Ehmm... the hatching is done in a controlled environment, in an oven. The feed consists of a little maize, chemicals, salts, sugars, water and flour. Let's not forget the hormones. The chickens tend not to have reached adulthood yet, as they've been pumped (steroids) to become much larger then would occur in natural environment. they live in a space, where they have no room to move. The slaughtering, plucking and cleaning happens on a conveyor belt, capable of processing about 4 chickens a second. The factory employs about 20 people who earn above the minimum wage, as the labour is so incredibly tedious.

After Slaughter, the chickens may continue to be processed (filled with water) before packaging and sale.

Friday 9 January 2004 11.07am
I dread asking about burgers then...
Friday 9 January 2004 11.26am
I swear, I'd eat more vegetables, if they didn' pump the ground full of chemicals or used sprays...

Friday 9 January 2004 12.01pm
I was reading about how they use hydrolysed beef proteins (which they inject into the chicken carcasses) to act as a kind of 'glue' to allow the flesh to hold even more water.

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Friday 9 January 2004 12.44pm
crikey - i'll start rearing me own runner beans......reading all that above it's making me seriously think about turning into a vegetarian, apart from bacon and sausages.....

Friday 9 January 2004 1.55pm
The problem is, unless you're going to go Organic, vegetables are full of carp too...

Did anyone read the article on Scottish Farmed Salmon ? - not good.

I still eat chicken.

I prefer to buy Organic, and will opt for free-range corn fed ones below that... but I still buy those nice Chicken Kebab's once in a while... Sandwhich shops, also don't go for the more expensive organic chickens I'm sure to fill their sarnies. It's very difficult indeed to avoid toxins in food these days.

Friday 9 January 2004 2.07pm
Jan - I've only just stopped craving bacon, and I became vegetarian 17 years ago!
Friday 9 January 2004 2.19pm

I know - I would only eat smoked salmon rarely, but still more than their recommendation today.

It is really difficult to avoid chemicals at all - e.g. the computer I am typing this on is sprayed with Brominated Flame Retardents, to reduce its flammability. But these are also suspected of having hormone disrupting effects.

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