Not defined by my sexuality in SE1

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Wednesday 11 February 2004 9.52am
Am I the only one out there?

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Wednesday 11 February 2004 9.54am
I am what I am, yes I'm one of the people............
Wednesday 11 February 2004 11.24am
are you sure you're not popeye, alan?

[your hair looks lovely today, by the way]

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Wednesday 11 February 2004 11.25am
Depends what you want out the forum I guess. We're lucky to have a mix of sexualities on the forum, and if the gay guys want to post with the word 'gay' in the title, I've no problems with that. However, if they're planning something I want to attend, I'll be the first to ask if they mind, and I'm sure they'll be the first to say I'm welcome to join them.

Maybe Mr Hatts will be introducing a 'private message' capability when the new Phorum software arrives, so any flirting (between any members of any sexualities) can be done privately - I for one think the flirting makes the thread exclusive to a small number of people....
Wednesday 11 February 2004 11.51am
I broadly agree with you James, although there is already the facility for private flirting, should you wish to do so. If you post a message and click on the "send me an e-mail....." box, when you get notification of a reply you should recieve the e-mail address of the responder, if they've elected to include it of course. Ivanhoe, I thought you might have got that reference, it's an old ska song, although its author escapes me. As for my hair......I don't have any, so in that respect I'm just like Popeye!
Wednesday 11 February 2004 12.03pm
Yes- you can get e-mail addresses by clicking to view someone's profile too. But it would make it easier for those who wish to flirt to take it off-screen if a PM function were introduced, rather than starting from a blank e-mail.

Other forums (forae, forue - what is the plural?) have it...
Wednesday 11 February 2004 12.34pm
Ivanhoe you are obviously very hung up on the sexuality of other members of your community; I would go so far as to describe you as homophobic, which is very sad.

As a regular visitor to this site, I felt compelled to make my first posting on this topic, as I can't stand homophobic men, who clearly suffer from small man syndrome, or something along those lines, and feel that they must exert testosterone in every posting.

As a resident of SE1, which has a very high gay head count, you should either get used to it, or perhaps leave? This site is for the entire community, and if members flirt a little, then so what - I'm sure it's not the first time any members have done that, and I would think it's not the last either.
Wednesday 11 February 2004 12.43pm
Ivanhoe, I am a regular on this site, I live in SE1 and I am gay. Funny enough I dare say that I am not defined by my sexuality. There is- thank god- a lot more to me and the life that I lead to say that it is defined by my sexual preference...
Wednesday 11 February 2004 1.00pm
I'm a relative newcomer to the SE1 area, and am probably a rare thing - a person who does not knowingly have any gay male friends. I must say that when I go out on the streets of SE1, I don't tend to find people being stereotypically gay out on the street, so gay blokes obviously aren't defined by their sexuality in reality.

I don't think that Ivanhoe is homophobic (I don't think he's that crass), but I think his comments go to show there is clearly a line between how gay people are in reality, and how many times the word 'gay' appears on these pages to define what gay people may sometimes like to discuss - and maybe that's what has caused him to speak out(?!?)

If we were talking about who's got brown hair in the pub, we'd mention the words 'brown' and 'hair' a lot less than if we were discussing it on here. Maybe Ivanhoe would have rebelled against brown haired people if that was the case...???

Just trying to see both sides of it...
Wednesday 11 February 2004 1.15pm
James, I'm glad to see you have such an open mind, as a male with no openly gay male friends. I do however find Ivanhoe's comments rather homophobic - and in some instances very crass (Ideas for Weekend Thread - "unless you became gay, don't bother telling us.")

It is my opinion that if you dislike the thread, stop reading it, but there is no need to post unneccersary comments. Bit like porn - If you don't like it, don't buy it, but stop complaining about others buying it!
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