Neglected and unloved

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Monday 15 March 2004 12.06pm
Poor old chatter forum.
Monday 15 March 2004 12.20pm
I agree - I always look at this one first before the SE1 forum. I tried to revive the merkin chatter on 'At Last...' but joy
Monday 15 March 2004 12.32pm
Joke for you:

A woman walks into a bar and asks for a double entendre.

So the barman gave her one.
Monday 15 March 2004 1.13pm
big fan of the chatter forum. people don't seem to be interested in it...... ;-(
Monday 15 March 2004 1.26pm
Then there's the dyslexic bloke who walks into a bra...
Monday 15 March 2004 2.25pm
Ha ha.

James - how did you embed the photo into your other post?
Monday 15 March 2004 2.52pm
"what's the difference between apathy and ignorance?"

"I don't know and I don't care"

well it amused me....
Monday 15 March 2004 3.08pm
Jo Jo,

If I remember rightly, I did it with this bit of code...

[ img]http://imageadress.jpg/gif/bmp/whatever[ /img]

...but I have put a space after each of the [ brackets in the line of code - delete them out to make it work.

Monday 15 March 2004 7.02pm
Oh no! TLMJJ unleashed with the power of IMG tags!!!

"Feelthy poscards. Feelthy postcards. Wanna buy some feelthy postcards"
Monday 15 March 2004 8.38pm
Bloke walks into the doctor's with a steering wheel stuck out of his underpants, doctor says: "How long have you had that?"
Bloke says: "I don't know, but it's driving me nuts."
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