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Monday 15 March 2004 2.25pm
I'm wondering whether an oyster card is worth bothering with, or whether it's just a sneaky way to get us to pay more for journeys. (lots of single journeys add up to more than a travelcard)

Does anyone have any positive or negative opinions on them?
Monday 15 March 2004 2.48pm
You can put a travelcard on to an oyster card so you don't have to go down the route of lots of single journeys.
I think it is much quicker and easier and I've not had any problems with mine not working, in fact it even warns me for about 3 days that my travelcard is about to run out.
Monday 15 March 2004 2.51pm
I wanted to use one for the pay-as-you-go. Despite advertising they're to be used on buses, tubes and the DLR throughout last year, turns out that the technology isn't ready for buses yet...

hurrah for saver tickets!
Monday 15 March 2004 3.14pm
Even if - like me - you do lots of single journeys, it saves you money, because all your journeys are charged at 2003 prices. Even if you do one single journey per day, it's a minimum saving of 20p - that's nearly 50 over the course of a year! Why should TFL have that?!?

On top of this, it's really good only stopping to pay money every now and then (I top mine up once a week on average) and you can look at your account online.

Even better than all of this though, is that the card reader is so sensitive, I can keep the card in my wallet, and keep my wallet in my pocket, and I simply flap my coat pocket over the reader to open the gates. It gives me a childish bit of joy in imagining that I am using black magic to open the gates...great fun!
Monday 15 March 2004 3.17pm
never had any problems and like james, i still get a buzz when i simply place my card over the buzzer and everyone else has to get their ticket out of the wallet, feed it through etc etc...

he he he
Monday 15 March 2004 5.11pm

If you kicked one of your heels out at the same time as flapping your jacket pocket over the machine, then I think you'd look like (one of) Morecambe and Wise.

And if RS did it with you at the same time, then there'd be a great likelihood that the tube workers might put down their cans of beer for a second and form a chorus line.

Just try it. Go on....you know you want to.

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Monday 15 March 2004 5.15pm
Well, I'm already the David Blaine of the Tube as far as I'm concerned...so I guess there'd be no harm in making a t*t of myself at the gates!!!

rm can even slap my cheeks Eric-style too...

Post edited (15 Mar 04 17:25)
Tuesday 16 March 2004 8.12pm
Thanks everyone - you are convincing me, which is impressive as I was quite suspicious. Especially that it's kind of surveillance..
Wednesday 17 March 2004 9.06am
It is - but I always look at those things like this - if people wanted to know which Tube stations I frequent, they could just follow me. Therefore, having an Oyster cards stops people following me around...

Paranoid of SE1
Wednesday 17 March 2004 9.50am
I've just acquired a 9.50 weekly 4 zone bus pass - and down from about 13 last year. Plus the kids go free.

No more meters, no more Southwark parking fines. I can see all of London from the top of a double decker bus.

Just as well since a wheel fell off my car at the weekend. Don't know which was worse. Having a wheel fall off, or spending two hours waiting for the pick up truck whilst passers-by laughed at the sight of a Morris Minor stuck in the middle of the road with a wheel missing.
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