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Monday 29 March 2004 10.40pm
Hi there, I'm writing an article for a magazine on dating in South Central, London, would people be able to recommend any good places to meet a date in SE1?
Monday 29 March 2004 11.03pm
Yet another publication turns to this forum to help fill its pages... :-)

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Monday 29 March 2004 11.16pm
Old Kent Road seems to have a lot of single ladies strolling up and down it late at night who seem o be up for it!
Tuesday 30 March 2004 10.37am
Are you looking for places to meet for a pre-arranged date, or places to pick up a date? Very different questions...
Tuesday 30 March 2004 11.39am
To find a date
Tuesday 30 March 2004 1.08pm
Oh dear - well I can't help you there - all those meat market-ish places have been erased from my memory...but Greenwich is always a good spot for a bit of socialising - esp the pubs along the river on a friday or saturday night. Good luck with the article,
Tuesday 30 March 2004 1.31pm

was that a pun, Hat?

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Tuesday 30 March 2004 1.36pm
I'm not sure about a good place to pick up a date but one of the most "interesting" propositions I had recently (ooh, that makes it sounds like I get loads - good but untrue) was at Studio 33, Vauxhall (ah, technically SE11 now I come to think about it) where husband and I went for some afterhours dancing a few weeks ago.

Whilst jigging around in my uncoordinated manner, waiting for husband to return from bar, I was approached by a young lad with the immortal words "Do you want to go upstairs and sh*g?". I am of course censoring for the refined people of this forum.

I would guess the kid was pretty out of it - most people in the club are "chemically enhanced". Especially as husband and I significantly skew the average age of people in Studio 33 - we were probably the only people there older than the club name.

Anyway - it made my night!
Tuesday 30 March 2004 1.49pm
Plenty of lovely dates can be found at our very own Borough Market
Tuesday 30 March 2004 1.52pm
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