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Friday 16 April 2004 8.21am
Here's a topic that always trips me up - tipping. I'm just not used to it and I'm never sure who and how much. I always tip when I eat out - 12.5% (or in reality 10% plus some as I can't actually multiply by 12.5%), when I get my hair cut - again about 15%.

But what about things like getting a take-away delivered? I usually say keep the change if it's a quid or two but should it be more? And how about getting your shopping delivered from Tesco? I've started getting my shopping delivered since I don't have a car anymore and I seem to get the impression they are waiting for something at the end - or am I being paranoid?

Or am I just betraying my working-class roots?!
Friday 16 April 2004 9.02am
its personal choice. only tip in a restuarant if a) they have not already added it and b) if you really think that you had good service and a good meal.

Personally I never tip when I get my hair cut. BUT I do tip taxi drivers. Don't tip anyone else.....

Never really thought about it. We don't really have a tipping culture over here.
Friday 16 April 2004 9.08am
Trace -
U tip for haircuts ?? Wow.
Having just returned to UK, tipping has become a bit of a sore point for me. Tipping in not expected in China at all. Only "rich" foreigners do that kind of thing and, to be honest, the-price-is-the-price is kinda refreshing. Afterall, why SHOULD I have to fork out extra dosh just coz somebody actually DOES what they're paid to do ?? A great example is taxis here. Maybe I was blinkered previously, but here in London, there is already around a couple of quid on the meter before you actually step in ! Why then, must I feel obliged to give another couple of quid, as I step out ?? What is actually quite amusing is the change in demeanour of the cabbie from happy chatty, to downright surely when I wait patiently for ALL my change.

The only place I will tip is on the receiving end of a good feed. But again, I generally add around 10% into the card bill and a couple of quid for the waiting staff ONLY if they've been nice.

Gawd ! Have I become Victor Meldrew........ ?
Friday 16 April 2004 9.12am
I thoroughly agree with taxis. Everytime I chat to black-cab driver he is telling me about his 3rd Florida holiday this year and yet he expects me to tip on a 7 - 1 mile journey which I'm only taking because it's late and I can't walk it by myself in the dark.
Friday 16 April 2004 9.16am
if you tip on a credit card the only person you are tipping is the tax man. the person serving you etc never sees it.
Friday 16 April 2004 9.18am
I've always assumed it's the restuarant owner who get's it if it is on a credit card - I always try to tip in cash.
Friday 16 April 2004 9.36am
with some unscrupulous restraunts they count tips on cards as part of the wage for the staff, and so actually pay their staff less!
I almost always tip 10% at restraunts, and always in cash. If they've added it to the bill I deduct it before paying by card (because it's usually 12.5%!), and am then usually less inclined to tip.
sometime tip taxi drivers when in Worcester, as it's usually just under a fiver. sometimes leave a quid when I get a haircut.
Friday 16 April 2004 9.50am
i think the problem now is that 'in the old days' tipping a quid was seen as ok. now.... i always feel stingy if i don't tip at least a couple of quid. usually a fiver in restuarants.
Friday 16 April 2004 10.29am
I think the ten percent is the best if you are happy with a meal...I used to tip the youngster who shampooed, then the stylist if I was pleased - but not ten per cent!

taxis? ...debateable.

Friday 16 April 2004 3.27pm
I'd say don't tip pizza/shopping delivery boys. They are paid to be delivery staff and as such shouldn't expect anything extra...they can't be said to have 'delivered your pizza especially well' can they???

Anyway - from my days at Waitrose, I know what Waitrose/Ocado delivery drivers get paid, and it's a fair wage. I don't think they should expect a lot of tax free extras on top of a decent wage. Waiting, however, is bloody hard to do well, and if someone is running their butt off to deliver my meal to my table then they're definitely due an extra something. There's too many waiting staff out there who don't give a damn, and they should be shown the difference by seeing how much the other, harder workers get in tips...
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