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Saturday 17 April 2004 6.45am
For fear of sending TracyD's tipping thread off on a tangent, here is my restaurant rant: why did the practise begin of charging separately for vegetables? At first glance, a main course would appear to cost 10 (for example) but it doesn't come with anything, so you then have to buy vegetables to go with it, your main course no longer costs 10. And we're not talking about a choice of vegetables here either, in the past you would be offered a choice and it was part of the package. Isn't this the same as buying a car and then being told you have to buy the wheels separately? Does this happen anywhere else and when did it start?

Ignorance is bliss
Monday 19 April 2004 10.19am
You do have to buy the wheels separately if you want anything more than bog standard steel wheels (as most people seem to). Similarly in a restaurant you will get the token vegetables, but if you are hungry you'll have to buy extras!
Monday 19 April 2004 10.27am
Token vegetables fine, but I'm talking about NO vegetables unless you pay again.

Ignorance is bliss
Monday 19 April 2004 11.19am
I've only witnessed this in the Angus Stake house. all other places i've been include vegies with the meal.

maybe it's related to ordering rice, noodles, etc seperately in indian, chinese, thai places?
Monday 19 April 2004 11.49am
The otherwise marvelous Arancia pulls this trick.
Monday 19 April 2004 12.06pm
I've been a regular at Arancia and I'm not sure I agree with you there Tharg. I've never ordered extra vegetables at Arancia because I didn't need them. The main course dishes are served (like the french tend to) with a basic veg accompanyment (potatoes or polenta for example) and this always seems enough to me. Of course, I always have a starter and often a pudding too (as you'd deduce from my ample girth) so until you suggested it this had never ocurred to me as being a problem.

Mind you, if I was served one of those obscenely huge steak and kidney puddings they do at The Oak and was told that the mash was an extra three quid I'd be most put out. Where else have you encountered this phenomenon?

stick yer frothy lager.......
Monday 19 April 2004 12.12pm
Last year I had an organic pork chop there, it was great, but I swear it came without vegetables. I have to agree with barkyhead, I have seen this elsewhere too, and not just in Chinese/Thai/Indian type restaurants.
Monday 19 April 2004 12.37pm
went to Arancia a few months ago, and can't remember having to order extra veg, though I do remember that the meal I had was cold, and I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be or not - it was something I'd not had before, and I expected it to be at least warm, but it wasn't. Didn't detract from the food though.

went out to Lye Torng at Elephant on Saturday night, and was very impressed - a realy nice thai meal, starters, and main, and a bottle of wine, for four people at only 55! Bargain!
Monday 19 April 2004 12.41pm
You WOULD agree with Barkyhead! I have to admit that I haven't been to Arancia for some time (for shame!) but if this is a new development I will be less than pleased. Btw, have you tried the stuffed pancakey things in Woods the Lebanese? They're fab. Like a keema naan but spicier and delicious if you get one hot. A bit pricey at 2 but really very good. Another thing I saw them do recently was roast whole legs of lamb on those chiken spits they have outside the shop. Vegetables are extra though and you have to cook them yourself.

stick yer frothy lager.......
Monday 19 April 2004 1.30pm
Jon -
"Lye Torng" ?? What sort of food is that ? Thai ?
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